Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report (almost a week late!)

Sorry the picture isn't great.  We chose the wrong time of day to get a picture (see the sun glaring off the road behind us where we normally take our pictures?) and I got the angles off (haunches further away from the camera than the rest of his body).  Also the reason he's all splotchy is because I just put fly spray on him (and did a poor job obviously lol).  :D  Hopefully next month we will have some cuter pictures.  Also sorry this is late..... been crazy around here lol.

Date: 7-24-12 (sorry a few days late....)
Age: 3 Years 2 Month
Height: 15.2hh (he's still a smidge under, but we're just going to say 15.2hh)
Height Gain: None.
Weight: I got his measurements off somehow (I know he hasn't shrunk lengthwise so I know they were off), so we're going to go with his usual measurements of 70 for his heart girth and his length measurement of 72, so according to the Equine Weight Calculator he weighs 1069lbs.
Weight Gain: None.

Progress: Erm..... it got hot.... like over 100F every single day (except for maybe two days when we finally got rain), so yeah we haven't done anything.  He's had a total of ten rides and I decided to give him a break there.  I figured I hide in the air conditioning all day while he has to stand in the heat so how is it fair for me to ride him.  Besides he still feels too small for me.  I'm just going to let him grow until we get some cooler weather.  I'll probably put a few more rides on him in the fall and then start real training when he's four (when we hopefully can solve our lack of a saddle problem).  Other than that we've just done the usual feeding, grooming, feeding treats, etc.  I did sit on him one day while he ate his supper lol.

 Goals: I'm going to continue with my idea of giving him a break during this insanely hot and humid weather.  I would like to do some clicker training, but that will depend on my schedule and if I keep getting these dang sinus headaches.  We shall see.  Nothing is set in stone.  :D

Now for our yearly pictures:

Crappy photo I know.  I wish I'd thought to do the photos on the road from the beginning lol.
 Oops that's the only one I got today.  Hope you don't mind seeing it twice lol!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Note To Donkey Lovers:  Yes!  Led Zeppelin did get apples too.  It was just a little crowded at the gate for getting pictures and he chose to keep his distance.  :D  I promise to get pictures of our long eared friend next time. 

  I love those eager faces!  

My parents have apple trees on their property from when I was a kid (can't remember how long it's been) and they get waaaaaay more apples than they could ever eat so they sent a bunch to me for the horses (ones that had gotten bruised or chewed on a bit by the bugs).  They sent over TWENTY FIVE POUNDS of apples!!!!!!!!!  My equine family members are in heaven lol!  Don't worry though we're monitoring intake (they only get a couple every few days) since they can be high in sugar.  :)  Enjoy the pictures of my cute boys!

Could they possibly be any cuter??

 Chrome stole his whole apple from my hubby and then had to figure out how to bite it in half on his own.  It was so adorable!

Faran's learning to smile for his!!  So cute!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chrome's Bloodlines

 Sorry I've been gone so long...  I guess I just needed a break.  Since I last posted we had a wildfire (several hundred acres burned) that came within seven miles of my house and scared me so bad!  They evacuated within about five miles from our house, but luckily we never had to leave.  And after that we finally got rain.  :D  In fact we had rain on several days.  I'm so thankful for it.  It's still too dry, but it's been a nice break from the heat.

So anyway, a friend of mine finally got a purebred Friesian colt (so happy for her!) and we realized her new colt has the same great grandsire as Chrome.  :D  She posted pictures of the Friesian stallions in his pedigree so I decided to do the same.  Here they are.

Chrome's (and my friend's colt's) great grandsire Reitse 272.

Chrome's grandsire Brandus 345.


Chrome's sire Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg.

And last, but not least (in fact he's my favorite!!) Chrome. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We need rain!!!!!

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while.  I've been so busy.  I just wanted to mention that we are having a horrible drought.  We have had less than two inches of rain since April.  We need rain!!!  So if you're the praying type could you please pray for rain?  They are even banning fireworks and restricting water (which I never remember happening around here, but I grew up with well water, so it might have happened before, not sure).  We're not allowed to water anything outside, including gardens and I'm assuming they mean our animals too?  I'm just thankful we have two ponds on the lease land!!  So anyway, everyone is doing okay here, we just need rain and a respite from the heat (it's been over 100F everyday for months - this sort of weather usually doesn't start until August).  Thanks guys.  I'll try to get caught up on all of your blogs and start writing in mine again soon.  I hope everyone is doing great!  If I've missed anything important in your life you can leave a comment and I'll come see your blog first (instead of going in order on Google Reader).  :)