Thursday, December 31, 2009

Completely forgot!

I just took this picture a few minutes ago and it reminded me of something I completely forgot to mention on the blog!

The day that we put the barn up when I went to bring the horses in to be fed I found Chrome laying down dozing. I talked to him the whole time I walked over to him and he never got up!! He let me sit beside him and pet him and even halter him!! After a minute I got up and walked away. I didn't want to ask him to get up because I don't want him learning to get up just because I walk toward him. Of course as soon as we led Galaxy back to the barn he got up and followed us. He would never miss out on supper for a nap lol. I thought it showed a lot of trust and I was so proud of him for letting me get close to him in such a venerable position. Just thought I would share. I'll share the rest of the pictures in my New Year post tomorrow. Night all!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! -Picture Intensive-

Sorry, I have about a million pictures to show of Chrome's first snow and his first Christmas!! It's well worth it though so please be patient. I had so much fun with him this morning even though the wind was blowing in almost twenty mile per hour gusts with a wind chill in the single digits! I had to go inside three times just to warm my hands so I could click the shutter button on my camera!! Remember you can click the images to enlarge and I'll be writing the captions above the pictures. Just want to prevent any confusion.

Up first we have one of my favorites. This is such a beautiful picture of Chrome cantering and Sarge running in the background. Chrome was so full of himself. I had so much fun watching him gallop around, play with sticks, rear and buck.

This second picture shows Chrome sliding to a stop as he came around their paddock at a dead run and saw me in his path. I actually got hit by dirt clods!! I'm glad he had such good reaction speed because I wasn't moving fast enough to get out of the way. :)

A couple of cute trotting pictures.

This is a cute picture of him galloping. I just love how his feet are together. It looks like he's hopping around like a lamb . . . or goat kid!

Kicking up his heels. Wish I'd gotten the rest of his body in the shot, but I couldn't zoom out fast enough. Don't worry he's not as close to me as he looks. So far he's not shown any inclination to kick in my direction, even when he's feeling playful.

I like how the wind has his mane blown straight up in the air in this picture.

Pawing at the icy ground.

Playing with a stick. Definitely his favorite game. He likes to swing them in circles. I'll have to get a video sometime. It's very cute!

This is such a cute picture!! I caught him in the middle of shaking his head. I don't know how I got such a sharp image with his movement, but I'm glad I did because it's one of my favorites.

Still chewing on his stick.

I like his expression in this one. Look at that eye!

I realized during the second time he was pawing what it was he was doing. He was actually pawing frozen sticks loose from the ground! So smart!

Checking in with me.

Being silly.

Chasing the cat. I love how this picture turned out. Definitely my favorite picture of the morning! If you look closely you'll notice Sarge running to intercept the cat. :)

Giving me silly faces. I think he wanted me to play instead of standing still to take pictures, but there was no way I was getting away from the tree I was using to block the wind lol.

Looking very handsome!

Walking into a twenty mile an hour gust of wind. It was crazy!

Silly colt.

Found another stick.

I wish I hadn't had the camera zoomed in for this next shot! I was not expecting him to rear up, as he never does. Just shows how excited he gets about those sticks. I'm going to have to find him some more toys.

Proudly carrying his stick around.

Still playing with sticks. I like his expression in this picture. :)

Investigating the plywood that was leaned up against a tree, but fell over.

Coming to see me again.

I wish this one wasn't so blurry and was zoomed out a bit, but still had to share. It's hard to get still shots of galloping horses. If my husband had been home I would have gotten more video.

I love the way his neck looks in this picture! Once again the wind has blown his mane straight up into the air.

Saying hi.

Either looking for grass or sticks.

Looking for the neighbor's horse.

And after grazing for a while he came back inside the barn for breakfast. :)

Last but not least, a short video to really put into perspective how silly this colt is.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good and Bad News

Okay the good news is that Chrome does not have a broken or fractured jaw. In fact he doesn't have any cuts or broken teeth or anything. I really didn't think she could do that much damage with her hock at such close range, but better safe than sorry. I did find out why he was drooling and why he's sucking his cheeks. The hay we've been feeding has bristly seed heads in it that are irritating his gums and making sores in his mouth. :( I had no idea it could even do that because we've never had a problem with it before.

The veterinarian said it is a completely individual basis. Some horses have no problem with it and others do. He also gave us a number where we can get some pure Bermuda hay that won't have the seeds in it. He's also back on an antibiotic both for the sores and for the respiratory infection. Poor guy. I think I'm going to look into some sort of natural immune boosting supplement. I hate using antibiotics so frequently! The vet also suggested we rinse his mouth out with water a couple times a day to help get the hay out so his gums can heal. I'll keep everyone updated.


Last night I tried soaking some of Chrome's feed but he was not impressed so I gave it to him dry. After nibbling for a second he started munching on it like he'd never been hurt with completely normal jaw movements. He's also eating hay better this morning. We're still taking him to the vet because he's still sucking his cheeks, which he'd never done before and he's got snot again. I don't know if the snot is from the weather or if he's got another respiratory infection. I don't know how he could possibly have another one, but knowing my luck lately I wouldn't be surprised. I'll update again after we see the vet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Injured Chrome & Rehoming Galaxy

I have some very depressing news. Galaxy kicked Chrome in the face earlier today and now he's having trouble chewing. He still acts healthy and happy with a good appetite, but he can't move his lower jaw in the circular motion that they usually use to chew. He can't eat hay, but I'm going to soak his feed for him so he can still eat it. We can't get an appointment at the vet until eleven in the morning, but the doctor didn't think it would be a problem overnight since he's acting okay.

The bad news doesn't end there. We've finally made the decision to rehome Galaxy. This was the last straw. I didn't want to get rid of her, but I refuse to put up with her kicking. This morning when I walked across their pen to get her bucket, which they'd pulled off the fence, she galloped up behind me, spun around and kicked out with both rear legs. Luckily I heard her coming and was able to get out of the way, although I don't think she was really aiming because she has deadly accuracy. I'm sad about this, but was also surprised to find how relieved I was when I finally made the decision. I just do not get along with her and I bought Chrome to enjoy him, not put up with her. She's already injured a goat and now Chrome. I'm afraid I'll be next or that she'll kill one of the chickens. When we find someone who wants her we're going to go pick up Zeppelin (the donkey) from my dad's house to keep Chrome company. They have similar laid back dispositions, so I think it will work out better.

Well, back to work. Later.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Which neck?

Here's something fun to think about. Of course we won't have an answer until Chrome is grown, but still. :) While out feeding I started taking pictures of Chrome, mostly because I wanted to show you all how his neck is thickening up and I got to thinking . . . will he have a Friesian neck or an Arabian neck? Here are some pictures. Let me know what you think! You can click to enlarge for a better view.

Here are a couple of Friesians. I couldn't find any in the exact position, but you get the idea.

And here are a couple of Arabians. I don't mind either way which breed he resembles more because they're both beautiful.

One last picture of my cutie pie.

"Mom! I'm trying to eat!!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monthly Progress Report - 12-19-09

I had plans to go out and groom Chrome and get a really cute picture of him for his progress report, but I woke up feeling sick this morning, so instead I just got a picture of him eating. Oh well. Chrome really seems to be filling out. He's getting a thicker neck and crest and his chest is getting wider. These pictures are on a slope so he looks really butt high, more than he actually is, but that's okay.

Date: 12-19-09
Age: 7 months
Height: A little over 12.3½hh (51½ in/4ft 3in/1.3m/130cm)
Height Gain: ½ inch
Weight: Approx 475lbs
Weight Gain: 45lbs

Progress: Chrome is doing really well. As you can see from his measurements he’s growing consistently. He’s starting to get a natural arch to his neck, probably from the Friesian blood. He’s still laid back and friendly. He still nickers at me when he’s done eating. He’s eating Nicker Maker treats, but only if there isn’t something available that he likes better, like his hay. He had no problem with the whip, even when I was swinging it hard to enough to make noise. I took him on the road again and he didn’t spook at anything. We even had a truck go by, but I got in the ditch and faced it this time, so he was fine with it. I was also really proud of Chrome when we had the barn built. He wasn’t bothered by the construction after his initial wariness. He’s still doing great with picking up all four legs. He’s even letting me stretch them out behind him and in front of him. I’m working on how long he’ll let me hold them, to get him ready for trimming when it’s needed.

Goals: Our goals are simple this month. Enjoy each other’s company, grow and don’t freeze to death. :D I’m not going to worry about doing too much training, since we have years of time to get ready for riding. I have to keep reminding myself he’s only a baby. Instead I need to work on Galaxy. She needs to learn a little respect. She’s being pushy and likes to kick (not good!). I do want to work on building Chrome’s duration with holding up his legs because he’ll eventually need a trim. Anyway I guess that’s all for now.

And a few more pictures.

Look at how much his mane has grown. This is from October.

And this is now. It's hard to see because of the shadow, but I'm sure you kind of get the idea. :)

Nickering at me.

Being cute.