Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monthly Progress Report - 12-19-09

I had plans to go out and groom Chrome and get a really cute picture of him for his progress report, but I woke up feeling sick this morning, so instead I just got a picture of him eating. Oh well. Chrome really seems to be filling out. He's getting a thicker neck and crest and his chest is getting wider. These pictures are on a slope so he looks really butt high, more than he actually is, but that's okay.

Date: 12-19-09
Age: 7 months
Height: A little over 12.3½hh (51½ in/4ft 3in/1.3m/130cm)
Height Gain: ½ inch
Weight: Approx 475lbs
Weight Gain: 45lbs

Progress: Chrome is doing really well. As you can see from his measurements he’s growing consistently. He’s starting to get a natural arch to his neck, probably from the Friesian blood. He’s still laid back and friendly. He still nickers at me when he’s done eating. He’s eating Nicker Maker treats, but only if there isn’t something available that he likes better, like his hay. He had no problem with the whip, even when I was swinging it hard to enough to make noise. I took him on the road again and he didn’t spook at anything. We even had a truck go by, but I got in the ditch and faced it this time, so he was fine with it. I was also really proud of Chrome when we had the barn built. He wasn’t bothered by the construction after his initial wariness. He’s still doing great with picking up all four legs. He’s even letting me stretch them out behind him and in front of him. I’m working on how long he’ll let me hold them, to get him ready for trimming when it’s needed.

Goals: Our goals are simple this month. Enjoy each other’s company, grow and don’t freeze to death. :D I’m not going to worry about doing too much training, since we have years of time to get ready for riding. I have to keep reminding myself he’s only a baby. Instead I need to work on Galaxy. She needs to learn a little respect. She’s being pushy and likes to kick (not good!). I do want to work on building Chrome’s duration with holding up his legs because he’ll eventually need a trim. Anyway I guess that’s all for now.

And a few more pictures.

Look at how much his mane has grown. This is from October.

And this is now. It's hard to see because of the shadow, but I'm sure you kind of get the idea. :)

Nickering at me.

Being cute.

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  1. Holding up leg training? Super boring. Ick. But you do need to get your nails trimmed I suppose.

    Watch out for Galaxy. Those gals can be feisty.



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