Sunday, November 4, 2018

Belated Happy Halloween! Ride 155

We dressed up as the headless horseman for Halloween.

I've never been a huge fan of Halloween or wearing costumes, but everyone at work dresses up for Halloween so I joined in and dressed as a Dementor from Harry Potter (costume was cheap).  Halfway though the work day I got to thinking how cool it would be to get rid of the mask and accessories and wear the cape as the headless horseman on Chrome!  So much more fun than dressing up at work hehe.  

For the record I blacked out my face in most of these pictures to make it creepy, but I left one with my face.  Also I did not wear a helmet because the hood wouldn't fit over it.  I know how stupid that is, but it's my decision to make so please respect that.

I was lucky we happened to have a bunch of pumpkins sitting around because hubby gets them from the local grocery store for free once they've gone past their prime and won't sell.  We feed them to the goats.  Goats LOVE pumpkin!  It worked out great for the costume.

So creepy right??  I wish it had been overcast and at dusk, but the pictures turned out better in the sun than they would have on a rainy day, so it's okay that the atmosphere isn't quite right.

 One with my face so you can see I didn't really lose my head lol.

Chrome is so handsome!  He outshines my costume hehe.

Now check out this fun video.

For those who can't see videos I have some screenshots below.

My first time cantering Chrome with no hands (that I remember).
First time in a costume on Chrome too.

I wish I could have kept the hood up, but it blew back in the wind.

He did so awesome!!

I was so happy and excited I leaned forward and started patting him on both sides of his neck.  His ears immediately popped up.  I wish they'd been forward for the canter, but I think he was watching the fabric whipping in the wind behind him.  Oh well.  He still did so awesome and he wasn't spooky at all.  When I first brought the costume out I waved it all around him and snapped it in the air around his head and he didn't react at all except to want to sniff it.  I love how nothing I do bothers him because of all of the training we did when he was young.

 I'm so proud of Chrome.  How many horses can go six months without being ridden, get taken out of the pasture on a cold day with the wind blowing and a neighbor zipping around on a four wheeler next door, have their rider dress up in a costume they've never seen and canter with fabric snapping in the wind and be totally cool with it?  Chrome can!!

P.S.  I have stuff to share.  I've just been too busy to blog.  I do want to reassure you that nothing was wrong with Chrome over the summer other than his sweet itch.  I've just decided to give him summers off because it's not fair to ask him to concentrate when he itches and we are both pouring sweat just standing around in the shade.  Now that the bugs are gone and it's cooling off I'm going to try to ride more (if I can stop spraining my ankles that is!).  I'll catch you guys up on some other stuff as soon as I can.  For now I have to go.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Did you all get emails from asking if you want to maintain your subscription to each of your blogs?  Are these legit emails? Is this the "fix" for us not getting notifications of comments?? I'm too chicken to click on the subscribe button in the emails so I wanted to see if anyone else has gotten them. Thanks in advance for any help!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day! - Ride 154

We went for a fun, short ride around the property today as our way of celebrating the holiday.  The ride was shorter than I intended at twenty-twenty five minutes because someone showed up and interrupted the ride.  I was irritated, but it was probably for the best since Chrome is so out of shape.

I was going to work on walk/trot transitions, but Chrome's right stifle gave out with every downward transition.  After the ride I looked at his hooves and his toe on that side is getting too long so it's time for me to rasp them again.  I'll do that before the next ride and see if it makes a difference.  It usually does.

Chrome gets excited about having neighbor horses across the street again.

After a ten plus walking warm up and a few failed walk/trot transitions I trotted him the entire length of the driveway.  On that downward transition his stifle didn't give out so I did it again and cantered him for a few strides.  After that his stifle never gave out again no matter what we did.  We trotted, cantered, backed up, turned circles, etc.  It's so weird how he seems to warm up out of it.  I just need to do his ground work again with backing, stepping over things, etc. to strengthen his stifles back up.  Time off just does not treat this horse well at all physically.  Mentally it's like we never took a day off.  He's such a good boy. 

Look at how fleabitten his cheeck is!

Other than the stifle issues, the one random fly and getting interrupted it was a good ride.

 Look how flexible my boy is!  his tail is touching the ground!!
Just ignore how filthy it is lol.
Well I guess..... the end!