Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quick Update

I just wanted to drop in for a quick update because I know some people are worried about my absence.  Everything is fine.  I'm just really busy,  I was also sick at one point (four days in bed with fever... that was a first) and the pinched nerve in my neck flared up at another point, but aside from all of that I am now doing well.  Chrome is doing great.  His sweet itch is flaring up already, but the neem oil manages it as well as it can.  He's still happy and healthy otherwise and I hope it makes you happy to see his smiling face again.  ;)

Can you believe how light he is getting??  He's going all flea bitten too.  He's so cute!

Rocky and Zep are doing well too.  I'll update about all of the other critters on my other blog when I can.  That's all for now.  I'm sorry I have neglected my blog and all of your blogs.  I miss you guys like crazy!  If you feel like leaving a comment with an update on how things are going with you I would love that.  Maybe it will help me feel less bad about missing everything on your blogs.  Later!

Oops I forgot a picture.  He looks so butt high for some reason, but he's still cute.  :)