Monday, March 28, 2011


I decided to take a break from training and blogging the past couple of days. Things are so stressful and getting worse by the minute (husband may get denied for long term disability for his back injury because of lazy doctor notes). We finally found a home for Sycamore (goat) because he isn't happy without companionship and I was looking for him out on the lease land. Chrome was following me around, trotting beside me with his neck arched. I don't know how I taught him to do that but it sure is cute. He was galloping around and being totally silly so the leg isn't bothering him at all! I felt bad for not clicker training. He wanted to so bad.

The swelling has gone down, but the puncture wound is draining white (occasionally yellow) . . . ooze (doesn't sound as gross as puss lol). I called the vet because the ooze was concerning me, but he said it isn't a big deal since he's still sound. He said if the wound is still oozing when we finish the antibiotics that we will extend it just to be on the safe side. So on the injury front things are the same (or hopefully getting better), just wish life in general would improve. Anyway sorry to be a downer. I'll be back in a few days. Everyone take care.

Friday, March 25, 2011

What a stressful day and poor Chrome!!

Wow. What a stressful day! I went out to work with Chrome. First I asked him to pick up and hold his front hooves and rest the toes of his rear hooves. He did great so I moved on to working on the trailer. He followed me on and stood still while I pet him all over the shoulder, side and hip. Next I asked him to back out and then we approached it together again. This time I stopped and he went on by himself. He only went halfway, but I didn't care. I was excited!

I walked onto the trailer to give him his treat and then he stepped forward and put his head in the stall all by himself. I'm so proud of him for figuring it out. It won't be long before he's loading fully by himself. :)

On the second or third time on I noticed what looked like blood on his hock. I backed him out and looked closer. It looked like a puncture wound. I took him to the yard to show my husband. He immediately noticed it was swollen (how did I miss that?) and said we had to take him to the vet. I was worried because we hadn't been working on loading long and I didn't think he was ready.

So while my husband got the truck ready I went to load Chrome onto the trailer. I didn't want to hook up the truck or pull it out of the pasture because I was afraid he'd get too amped to load. Chrome walked right onto the trailer and my friend (who was visiting) lifted the ramp. Chrome raised his head and stepped back with one foot, but I asked him to step forward and he did. Once the ramp was secured I took the rope from his halter because I'm not comfortable tying in a trailer. He immediately turned around to face the rear. I was shocked he could still turn around in it. I thought he was too big now.

He was putting his chest against the ramp so I immediately closed the upper doors in case he decided to bail out. We hooked the truck up to the trailer and pulled it out into the yard to check the air in the tires. Chrome started spinning fast circles in the trailer so I yelled at my husband to stop and opened the front door to calm him down. After that he seemed calmer. I think he panicked because the cedar trees by the gate rub against the roof of the trailer. I'm going to have someone help me cut them down.

When we put air in the tires Chrome jumped at the sound it makes when you take the chuck away from the valve stem. He didn't panic though. I stayed with him the whole time with the front door open and gave him treats.

Once the tires were aired up we hit the road with our friend following in his car because the attachment for the lights on the trailer was broken (I wish we'd fixed that sooner) and we didn't want someone to rear end the trailer. Halfway to the vet clinic the truck died in the middle of a road at a traffic light. I'm not good with trucks, but it had something to do with the alternator draining the battery or something. We haven't had the money to fix it because of my husband's injury, but now that our tax money is here we will definitely be getting that fixed! My friend jumped the car and we pulled into a nearby park and then he and my husband went to get a new battery since we didn't have time to recharge the old one. That was expensive, but while they were there they grabbed the stuff to fix the lights too. :) While I was waiting with Chrome he stood perfectly still and wouldn't move. I think he was terrified.

So anyway we got to the vet clinic an hour late for our appointment. The receptionist said we would have to leave him there because of lunch breaks. I was freaking out because I had to be at work in an hour and a half and I didn't want to leave him there with strangers. What if something happened while he was there? She said he would be there for at least two hours. I reluctantly agreed, on the verge of tears and went back outside to Chrome.

I was shocked when the vet showed up to look at him. I guess the receptionist told him I was upset. I was so relieved I wouldn't have to leave Chrome there. The thought of leaving him had me on the verge of a panic attack. I guess I'm a little overprotective. :) The vet started looking at the wound and I told him he doesn't normally kick but since he was hurt and scared that I wasn't promising anything. He looked at it for a minute and then asked me to put him in the stocks. Chrome was a little nervous about going in, but he didn't put up a fight. When the vet latched the butt bar Chrome started yoyoing between me and the bar. I managed to get him still and calm quickly and then put up the front bar.

Oh and did I mention there was a mare and her two week old foal (so cute!) in the pen about five feet behind him? :) He neighed at her when we first got there, but calmed down quickly. I'm glad his hormones didn't kick in or anything. Once in the stocks the vet cleaned the wound and decided to shave his hock to see if there were any other punctures. Chrome didn't even bat an eyelash at the clippers even though he's never seen any. I was so proud. Thankfully the vet didn't find any other wounds.

The vet said that since he wasn't favoring the leg that it's unlikely that he punctured the joint capsule. He told me to keep an eye on it and if he comes up lame to immediately bring him back in because an infection in the joint is very serious. He gave me antibiotics and bute for the swelling. He also gave Chrome a tetanus shot because I'm not sure if he ever got one. We also had blood drawn for his coggins since we were there and he was due. Might as well save an office visit. :) Chrome didn't react to the first shot in the right side of his neck, flinched at the one in the left side and raised his head, but didn't react to having his blood drawn even though the vet had to dig for a vein because of new needles they'd just gotten that he wasn't fond of (he went and got an old one after a half minute of trying). What a good boy.

We let Chrome out of the stocks and showed off his smile and then went back to the trailer. He hesitated and the vet pushed on his haunches which made him more resistant, but he did go on quickly. I was so proud of him! I was expecting a fight since he knew what was in store. I love clicker training! He was nervous, but he knew it would be okay.

When we got home I unloaded him and turned him out in the pasture. He immediately set out for the lease land where he started stuffing his face with green grass. I don't blame him considering how much he pooped in the trailer (a sign of nervousness and stress). I'm so proud of my boy for being so brave and cooperative. He made a bad situation bearable when it could have been so much worse. Unfortunately this set back means I probably won't get him gelded this spring. :( At least that gives us a lot of time to work on hauling as soon as we replace the stupid alternator in the truck. So everyone please think healthy, uninfected thoughts for Chrome and if you're willing send him some get well prayers. I'm praying that it doesn't get infected. This was a blow to the checkbook, although it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. Anyway below are the pictures.

Looks painful huh? He's not favoring the leg though and although he picked his foot up when the vet was mashing on it he didn't kick, dance away or act like it was horribly painful. I think he has a high pain tolerance though. Anyway keep him in your thoughts.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trailer Training & Write Up on the Video

Okay. Here's the deal on the video I posted yesterday. When I brought Chrome up for training he was being very cooperative. He did fantastic up until we started working on back lifts. I started out doing it with him standing untied and he tried walking off so I tied him up. By the time the kick happened I'd done four or five back lifts (he's used to doing one or two a day), so he was not happy. Back lifts are like sit ups for us, so if he's not used to using his back and stomach if can get very tiring and difficult very quickly.

I was so focused on getting the video right that I wasn't paying attention to his body language and what he was trying to tell me. So it was completely my fault that he . . . threatened me. He didn't really kick. I think he was just lifting his leg to warn me and it happened to bump my shin because I was standing close. I've never seen him kick. Ever. But he does lift his leg to warn the donkey to back off, he lifted it toward the possum he encountered, etc. I really think that's what happened. I realize it was my fault and could have been avoided if I'd been paying attention. I have to remind myself that he is green and he needs 100% of my attention when we're working together. :) So no videos for a while lol.

I wanted to mention that in my video I said you can stand to the side while doing back lifts if you're afraid your horse might kick, but I want to withdraw that. If you think your horse might kick just don't do back lifts. Work on respect and desensitizing first. Standing directly behind the horse and very close is probably safest because there is no power behind the kick (whereas if you stood two feet away there is a lot of power). Horses can kick to the side too (very powerfully) so that can be a dangerous place to stand as well if your horse has the tendency to kick.

Anyway, things turned out okay. Chrome and I both learned something. I worked with him today on the trailer because I felt the need for a change of pace. He did so fantastic!

He walked right on and I clicked a couple of times for standing there with his head in the stall. Then I opened and closed the front door a few times. Then I started petting his head, neck, shoulder until I was standing in the trailer instead of between the head stalls. He came out a couple of times to see what I was doing and then walked back up and put his head right back in. When I quit I was standing by his flank. :) Then I asked him to back off with my hand on his chest. I want him to learn to stand there until I ask him to back up. I didn’t work on any noise or the other doors this time because my husband wasn’t there to help. I think Chrome did awesome. Of course I’ll have to eventually train him to stand on the other side of the trailer too, but for now I'm just worried about getting him comfortable enough to get to the vet.

I’m hoping that I can eventually walk off the trailer and all around it with him on there and eventually maybe I can teach him to load by himself. Just have to be slow, slow steps. Lots and lots of work to do on it. It's already getting hot and ticks are out bad already so I don't know if it's too late to get him gelded this spring. :( I don't think I'll have him ready for another couple of weeks at least and I just don't know if it's worth it to shove him on there, scare him and have to start all over again. We'll just have to see what happens.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Training Video!

I'll let the video speak for itself . . . and there's a surprise (not a good one) in the video. Chrome kind of upset me as you will see, but we worked through it. Sorry the video is ten minutes long. I hope you all can watch it. I'll write more about the video tomorrow so if you can't watch it check back tomorrow for the write up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clicker & Video

I didn’t do much today because I had to work and I’ve been having to take care of the place by myself because my husband is out of town. I’m so happy he’s home so he can give me a break lol.

I worked on Chrome's hooves, back lifts, lateral flexion and backing. He did really well. He seemed a lot more focused today. I worked on having him rest his toe on his left rear hoof. This was the second time we’ve worked on it and he did great. I also reviewed the other three legs. I didn’t work on the hoof stand today because I don’t have one. I have an old anvil type thing that might work. Will have to see.

I only did one back lift. He did really well. I didn’t have him tied up and he didn’t try to walk off. He also raised it evenly so that’s good. Then I reviewed his lateral flexion with him flexing toward me and away from me on both sides. Last I asked him to back up once and he did it so lightly and easily that I left it at that. It was a super way to end the session. Chrome’s such a good boy.

I reviewed all of the video I took yesterday and not a lot of it turned out. Having it on the tripod means that we kept going out of the frame. It was a mess so I probably won't be posting much of it. I get a day off tomorrow that I wasn't expecting, but am grateful for so I'll get new video with my husband manning the camera. I should be able to focus better since I won't be going to check the camera constantly. I do want to post the video of me teaching Chrome to rest his toe so you guys can see what's involved in teaching it. It took me a long time to teach him to do it with his right hind, but he picked up his left hind very quickly. This video shows my first time ever working on his left hind. It's a lot of fun. I like the toe rest (which I learned in my Pavlich book) because it makes them relax the leg and take their weight off of it so you can easily pick the leg up for cleaning. :) So anyway here is the video.

Let me know what you think. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chrome had an off day, but we still had fun.

Okay, my plan today was to get video of the work I'm doing with Chrome because I don't know if I always explain things well. I figured it would be fun too. Unfortunately Chrome woke up on the wrong side of the bed (I woke him from a nap by accident) so he was in an impatient, snotty mood. He wasn't being ugly, just pesky. I won't have another day off until Sunday though, so I went ahead with my plans. Overall I think the day turned out really well. It took us a while but he did finally settle down and we had a good session and made progress. I took a TON of video that might take me a while to get edited, so it won't be posted today. I do, however, have a bunch of pictures. :D

When I was leading him up to the house he was acting weird and balky. I was concerned, but he was alert and playing with his rope as we walked so I didn't go into panic mode lol. Actually it's sort of funny because as we were walking to the house I asked him if he needed to pee because of the way he was stopping . . . and then after our long session I turned him loose and he walks to the barn and proceeds to pee. I guess I was right. I have no idea how I knew that though. :)

First I cleaned out his hooves, which he was being a total brat for, and then I groomed him, which I won't have much video of unfortunately because he was relaxed and decided to make my video X rated. After that I videotaped how I taught him to rest the toe of his rear hoof on the ground. I showed it on his left side because we haven't worked on that side, so I'm pretty excited to be able to share that. He picked it up really fast.

After the hooves I worked on back lifts. I showed how to do it on the video. I wanted to get video from behind so you could see how he arches his back unevenly (because he is very one sided), but I couldn't juggle everything in my hands. I'll try to get video of it sometime when my husband is here to help. I think you can see it from the side, so maybe it will work.

I love his expression. That Arab refinement shows in this picture.

Next I put the surcingle on. He was being very impatient, but didn't seem to mind it specifically. Like I said he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When I had the surcingle tightened the whole way I was shocked it was actually pretty snug. It was loose last time. Later this evening when I was feeding I noticed a fat pad on his belly below his flanks . . . oops. So I'll be cutting the oats out of his ration. I should have cut back a couple of weeks ago when the grass first started sprouting because he's an easy keeper. Every day when I feed I run my hands along his side feeling for his ribs to gauge his weight and I'd noticed for a week or so that I couldn't feel his ribs. I kept telling myself it was his winter coat or the way he was standing or I didn't press hard enough or I wasn't paying attention. . . and now he's fat lol. It's no big deal, just not healthy on growing bones. That's also proof of how inaccurate the weight tape is as it showed him losing weight since last month.

I LOVE this picture. My favorite of the evening.
He was shaking his head, arching his neck and goofing off.

Anyway after putting the surcingle on I took him for a walk, hoping it would settle him down so he'd focus and stop fidgeting so much. The walk was a real eye opener. I don't think I've taken him on the road since I started consistently clicker training him and now I'm realizing all of the bad habits I'd been teaching him on previous walks. I like for my horse to walk fast because I can't stand poking along, but he was sort of rushing (or balking if we were leaving the neighbor's horses). He was also swinging his head toward me and unintentionally cutting me off since being young he can't walk a straight line to save his life. I've been letting him walk too far ahead of me (to take pictures) and haven't worked on whoa at all out there. So yeah we have a lot of work to do on the roads. However the good news is that he was totally paying attention to the clicker this time (last time he didn't even seem to hear it). I was able to work on some of the issues mentioned before, but it'll still be a lot of work. Something for us to work on. :)

Can you believe how silver he's getting?

Finally stepping under himself some.

When we got back I tied him up so he could learn some patience. I walked away and clicked whenever he stood still. He caught on pretty quick. At least he’s listening. I have to remember he’s young and it’ll just take time for him to learn patience.

So when he was standing still I got the hula hoop. I took it over to him and then untied him in case it scared him. I put the rope around his neck and then gave it to him. He had fun with it for a minute. Then I decided I wanted to get pictures so I went for the camera. He wandered off after grass and then wasn’t interested in the hoop anymore, so I decided to call it quits and let him play in the pasture with the hoop. He was hot and sweaty and just not very interested in playing. I guess it was just too hot and he was having an off day. All in all I would say it went well. It showed me a lot of holes in our training and he did really well considering he was having a bad day.

See how sweaty he got under the surcingle?

Here are some more pictures of the walk.

Normally I like to run with him, but with my injured toe I couldn't so
he hit the end of the rope because I couldn't keep up. Poor guy.

It looks like he's making scary eyes at the mailbox,
but I'm pretty sure it was the hay bales lol.

And some hula hoop fun . . .

He's so tolerant!

That's all for today. I'll try to get the video edited tomorrow. I'm probably going to make a long version and a short version because I did a lot of rambling and talking. We'll see. Well, I hope everyone had a great day and I'll be back tomorrow. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

Date: 3-19-11
Age: 22 months
Height: 15hh ¼in (60.25inches)
Height Gain: Hm . . . it didn't show any gain. He's almost two so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that his growth has slowed down.
Weight: Approximately 825lbs.
Weight Gain: If the weight tape is accurate he actually lost a little weight. He still looks good to me though. :)

Progress: I've stuck with the clicker training and I'm very proud of myself and my colt for the progress we've made. :) I haven't done any walking because I hurt my foot, but as soon as it's better we are definitely going to get back on the roads. :)

Goals: I want to have him hauling in the trailer this month and I would like to get him gelded this month as well. I can't put it off too long because it will get hot soon. The flies and ticks are already showing up. I want him confident in the trailer though because he'll probably be disoriented as he's recovering from the sedative. I would have the vet come out here but a farm call is so expensive (especially considering it's only ten minutes away)! I want to also keep up with the clicker training and go walking. Along with focusing on the trailer training I also want to focus on hoof training because he's doing so well and I'd love to impress our farrier with his progress. :) She loves him already, but she'll love him even more when he's all cooperative and helpful lol. I guess that's all for this month.

Oh and we didn't do any clicker training today. I had to work and then go to a friend's wedding. I did get some pictures with Chrome when we got home from the wedding since I was actually dressed nice, so enjoy!

A kiss.

"Where's your treat pouch mom?"

He started to walk off but his arched neck is so cute I went ahead and posted it hehe.

Led Zeppelin wanted attention too. :)

I'm glowing (photo overexposed) in this one, but Chrome is handsome so that's okay. :)

I love his smile! I'm glowing again, but had to add it.
I'm amazed at how high he gets his head considering I'm 5'11".

Hugs! And he didn't even try to bite lol.

I love how laid back this horse is. I can drape myself all over him and he doesn't care. :)

*sarcasm* Doesn't he just look soooo concerned with me hanging all over his head? *sarcasm*

More hugs.

That's all for today. I wish I could post some of the wedding pictures I took. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have permission to post them on the internet, so we'll just have to enjoy the horse pictures. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Clicker & Trailer Work

I started out working on the trailer. Chrome walked right on, but left his left rear leg on the ramp. My husband tried tapping the hoof to have him put it on the trailer, but it startled Chrome so I let him leave it off. That did make me realize though that I'm going to have to work on touching him all over while he's standing on the trailer. Just another step in our desensitizing.

We spent some time tapping on the inside and outside of the trailer. I opened and closed the front door. Last I had my husband gently swinging the rear top doors (ramp raises up, then two doors close across the top) back and forth, but not latching them. He backed up (front feet never went off the trailer) when the upper door went past halfway closed, but I got him standing on the trailer comfortably with the door about halfway closed. We will keep working on that. As far as the trailer work goes we still have a lot to work on, but he's getting more comfortable with it.

Next I worked on lateral flexion. For some reason that I cannot explain I went to his left side and asked him to flex to the right using the rope as a cue . . . um yeah. What was I thinking? We haven't worked on that. He was confused, backing up, etc. I finally managed to get a tiny flex and clicked it. Then I went to his right side and asked for left flexes which he did perfectly for a tickle or rope cue. Then I went back to his left and asked for a right flex with a tickle. After he did that a couple of times I started picking up the rope and tickling. By the time I quit he was flexing for a rope cue (with an occasional tickle if he seemed confused).

Next I worked on back lifts. The first one he did a small lift. The second one I must have had uneven pressure because he dropped his right hip, resting his toe on the ground. Um. That was weird. I clicked for it and probably shouldn't have because I was cueing a specific behavior. Oh well. I did a few more back lifts with even pressure and he did okay. The lifts were small, but that's okay. I think my fingers just aren't enough pressure. We will keep working on it.

Next I tapped his right rear fetlock with my toe and he picked up his leg and rested his toe on the ground!! On the first try! I was so excited. What a good boy. I did it two or three more times and he did it perfect every time. He finally understands it. Next I'll have to work on his left rear hoof. :)

After that I worked on head lowering with a light squeeze midway down his crest on both sides. He did really well, although a couple of times he seemed confused, but I think that's because I was cueing too far down his neck (too close to the withers). Now that I've established a new cue I'll have to work on getting his head all the way to the ground and duration. It will come with time.

I also worked on rubbing his face. The first time I rubbed his forehead he tried lowering his head, flexing and backing up. When he finally stood still without moving his head I clicked. After that I was able to rub his forehead and poll without him moving. Yay Chrome! Next I'll work on ears and after that I'll work on his muzzle.

After that I had him back a few times with me standing at his shoulder, facing forward, from both sides. He did three steps each time easily. I'll have to work on adding distance. Then I asked him to pick up both front hooves once. He did well.

Last I worked on something new. I want to teach him to walk in a circle around me from me simply lifting my hand and pointing in the direction I want him to take. This will eventually be used for lunging, loading in a trailer or walking through a gate ahead of me. I started on his right side. I stood at his shoulder a couple of feet away from him and held up my right arm. He thought he was supposed to stand still because that's what I usually have him doing, but eventually he reached out to sniff my hand, but couldn't reach without moving his feet. I tried clucking and then swung my left arm in the air and he finally walked forward. I clicked and treated. I held my right arm up again, nothing, clucked, nothing, swung my left arm by his haunches and he stepped forward. After a couple of tries he was walking forward for a point and cluck, no swinging (didn't have a whip with me btw).

Then I switched sides. It didn't take him long at all to figure it out for a point and cluck. Eventually I plan to have him walking on for just the point. :) The only thing I don't think I like is that when I click he faces me . . . that could cause problems eventually with lunging and ground driving. I'll probably worry about that when I start asking for a whoa. The click ends the behavior. He's being rewarded for walking, not for facing me. :)

I was going to work on voice cues for walk on and whoa (with me leading him), but I was running out of treats and it was getting dark. I was happy with how the session went overall. I wasn't going to work with Zeppelin because my toe was hurting and I was almost out of treats, but he started following me as I was leaving the pasture. It was cute and showed trust so I clicked and gave him some tiny pieces of treats. Then I pet his right cheek, clicked and held out a handful of tiny pieces and treat dust . . . and he bit down on my finger really hard! Ouch! He didn't mean to. I had the angle of my hand wrong and let my fingers curl trying not to drop the tiny pieces. When he bit me I yelped. It scared him and he shied away. My finger was hurting bad enough that I just ignored him and hobbled to the house as fast as my painful foot allowed to put my finger under cold water to numb it. :( I didn't mean to scare him. He didn't mean to bite me. I think I'm going to take a break training him until my toe is better. I'm so scared of it getting stepped on that I'm not able to position myself correctly for treat delivery. Sigh.

Anyway, sorry to end the post on a downer note, but I thought I would mention it. I'm still super proud of how Chrome did. He started out sort of distracted, but he was really focused and sweet toward the end. I think he's definitely gaining some patience. :) That's all for today. Sorry no pictures.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Clicker & Pictures

Wow I really needed a break. I'm exhausted and yesterday my toe was really hurting so I didn't do any training. I didn't read blogs. I didn't post. I didn't even open my computer! I think I really needed that. However I am back and the ponies are doing great.

I started out doing some review of lateral flexing with Chrome. I did it from the opposite side and the same side. I focused more on the right side because he was only flexing to his elbow. He's so stiff. I got him to where he was flexing to the girth area and called it quits. I don't want to make him sore.

Then I worked on head lowering a little. I'm cueing him from midway down the crest with a light squeeze and he's doing it perfectly! We haven't even really worked on the new cue at all, but he seems to know what I want and he doesn't pull his head away or anything. :) I'm glad we found something that works for both of us. He even let me scratch both sides of his face with no problems. He still pulled away from I was scratching his forehead so he will be getting more desensitizing work on his forehead and poll.

After that I asked him to yield his hindquarters on both sides. I only did it a couple of times to see if he remembered it. He wasn't fluid at it, but still remembers. I'll have to start working on it again and not be so picky. :) It was hilarious though because when I was on his left side he was flexing all the way to his hip and flank thinking I was asking for a lateral flex. It was so hard not to reward that! I want him to flex when I'm facing forward and yield when I'm facing him, so I can't mix up the cues if he's ever going to differentiate.

Next I worked on his front hooves which he did perfectly. He was trying to pull away on his right front, but not too bad. I just waited until he relaxed before I clicked. :)

After that I asked for smile a few times and then I groomed him all over. He had been playing earlier in the day and was covered in dry sweat so it felt really good. He was stretching and leaning into the brush. Silly boy.

Pretty boy after being brushed. Ignore my uneven rolled up pants . . . dorky, but I didn't want my pants getting dirty.

Do you see dapples on his ribs yet?

After that I worked with him on the trailer. He still walks right onto it and puts his head in the head stall thing. I tapped on the inside and clicked for him being relaxed, then I had my husband tapping all over the outside of the trailer. Eventually I'll have him knock and pound on it, but I have to go slow. After that I closed the front door several times. It only took two or three times before he didn't even lift his head anymore. Then my husband was opening and closing the vents on the front. That had Chrome on high alert, but with the clicker I had him relaxed and taking treats through the vent. This whole time his feet never moved (except for when my husband went around back he backed up enough to get his head out of the stall so he could look back, but was calm and walked right back up). Good boy! It won't be long before we're closing up the back of the trailer and hauling him off to get gelded. Poor guy.

Not a great shot, but had to show off his gorgeous tail after I brushed it.

Oh I forgot when I was working on Chrome picking up his hooves Zeppelin was getting all up in my business, trying to thieve from the treat pouch at my hip. Without thinking I reached out and pushed his face away. It didn't startle him! In fact he kept on pestering lol. It won't be long before I'll have to teach him to move from pressure. So after that happened I started petting him on the right side of his face (his bad side) and then on to his neck. Every time I clicked for him letting me pet his neck I also gave Chrome a treat for standing perfectly still with his neck straight!! He was perfect. I am very proud of my boys.

Annoyed that we interrupted their play session.

I'm very happy for this really good session. I think it's the motivation I needed to get back to work. :)

Chasing the goat.

And I'll leave you this picture of Chrome following me to the gate. I know we're all biased about our horses, but is that not the cutest face you've ever seen? :D