Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Clicker & Pictures

Wow I really needed a break. I'm exhausted and yesterday my toe was really hurting so I didn't do any training. I didn't read blogs. I didn't post. I didn't even open my computer! I think I really needed that. However I am back and the ponies are doing great.

I started out doing some review of lateral flexing with Chrome. I did it from the opposite side and the same side. I focused more on the right side because he was only flexing to his elbow. He's so stiff. I got him to where he was flexing to the girth area and called it quits. I don't want to make him sore.

Then I worked on head lowering a little. I'm cueing him from midway down the crest with a light squeeze and he's doing it perfectly! We haven't even really worked on the new cue at all, but he seems to know what I want and he doesn't pull his head away or anything. :) I'm glad we found something that works for both of us. He even let me scratch both sides of his face with no problems. He still pulled away from I was scratching his forehead so he will be getting more desensitizing work on his forehead and poll.

After that I asked him to yield his hindquarters on both sides. I only did it a couple of times to see if he remembered it. He wasn't fluid at it, but still remembers. I'll have to start working on it again and not be so picky. :) It was hilarious though because when I was on his left side he was flexing all the way to his hip and flank thinking I was asking for a lateral flex. It was so hard not to reward that! I want him to flex when I'm facing forward and yield when I'm facing him, so I can't mix up the cues if he's ever going to differentiate.

Next I worked on his front hooves which he did perfectly. He was trying to pull away on his right front, but not too bad. I just waited until he relaxed before I clicked. :)

After that I asked for smile a few times and then I groomed him all over. He had been playing earlier in the day and was covered in dry sweat so it felt really good. He was stretching and leaning into the brush. Silly boy.

Pretty boy after being brushed. Ignore my uneven rolled up pants . . . dorky, but I didn't want my pants getting dirty.

Do you see dapples on his ribs yet?

After that I worked with him on the trailer. He still walks right onto it and puts his head in the head stall thing. I tapped on the inside and clicked for him being relaxed, then I had my husband tapping all over the outside of the trailer. Eventually I'll have him knock and pound on it, but I have to go slow. After that I closed the front door several times. It only took two or three times before he didn't even lift his head anymore. Then my husband was opening and closing the vents on the front. That had Chrome on high alert, but with the clicker I had him relaxed and taking treats through the vent. This whole time his feet never moved (except for when my husband went around back he backed up enough to get his head out of the stall so he could look back, but was calm and walked right back up). Good boy! It won't be long before we're closing up the back of the trailer and hauling him off to get gelded. Poor guy.

Not a great shot, but had to show off his gorgeous tail after I brushed it.

Oh I forgot when I was working on Chrome picking up his hooves Zeppelin was getting all up in my business, trying to thieve from the treat pouch at my hip. Without thinking I reached out and pushed his face away. It didn't startle him! In fact he kept on pestering lol. It won't be long before I'll have to teach him to move from pressure. So after that happened I started petting him on the right side of his face (his bad side) and then on to his neck. Every time I clicked for him letting me pet his neck I also gave Chrome a treat for standing perfectly still with his neck straight!! He was perfect. I am very proud of my boys.

Annoyed that we interrupted their play session.

I'm very happy for this really good session. I think it's the motivation I needed to get back to work. :)

Chasing the goat.

And I'll leave you this picture of Chrome following me to the gate. I know we're all biased about our horses, but is that not the cutest face you've ever seen? :D

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  1. You are like me in that you've got to get a picture of a freshly brushed horse tail. I love the way a clean, untangled tail flows.


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