Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Short Trailer & Clicker Sessions

I worked with Chrome on the trailer because it was cold and my toe was hurting. It gave me a chance to just stand still and I was behind the front bars so no chance it could get stepped on. He walked right on. I don't click for anything but standing with all four inside the trailer now. I clicked/treated for standing there with his head between the bars (there are bars that keep two horses faces away from each other). Then I started tapping on the front door and front of the trailer. I clicked for him not reacting to the sound. Then I started pulling the front door closed. His head popped up when I did that but within moments I had him relaxed again and with the front door shut. :) Good boy! I backed him off the trailer and fed him his breakfast. I figured that was a good stopping point.

Next I worked with Zeppelin. I stayed on his good side (left) and just worked on touching his flank a little. He flinched the first time, but he was fine the next time. I didn't do much because there is only so much I can do with this stupid toe. Just feeding makes it hurt so bad I have to lay down again. Sigh. It's itching though so I guess it's healing. :)

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