Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clicker & Video

I didn’t do much today because I had to work and I’ve been having to take care of the place by myself because my husband is out of town. I’m so happy he’s home so he can give me a break lol.

I worked on Chrome's hooves, back lifts, lateral flexion and backing. He did really well. He seemed a lot more focused today. I worked on having him rest his toe on his left rear hoof. This was the second time we’ve worked on it and he did great. I also reviewed the other three legs. I didn’t work on the hoof stand today because I don’t have one. I have an old anvil type thing that might work. Will have to see.

I only did one back lift. He did really well. I didn’t have him tied up and he didn’t try to walk off. He also raised it evenly so that’s good. Then I reviewed his lateral flexion with him flexing toward me and away from me on both sides. Last I asked him to back up once and he did it so lightly and easily that I left it at that. It was a super way to end the session. Chrome’s such a good boy.

I reviewed all of the video I took yesterday and not a lot of it turned out. Having it on the tripod means that we kept going out of the frame. It was a mess so I probably won't be posting much of it. I get a day off tomorrow that I wasn't expecting, but am grateful for so I'll get new video with my husband manning the camera. I should be able to focus better since I won't be going to check the camera constantly. I do want to post the video of me teaching Chrome to rest his toe so you guys can see what's involved in teaching it. It took me a long time to teach him to do it with his right hind, but he picked up his left hind very quickly. This video shows my first time ever working on his left hind. It's a lot of fun. I like the toe rest (which I learned in my Pavlich book) because it makes them relax the leg and take their weight off of it so you can easily pick the leg up for cleaning. :) So anyway here is the video.

Let me know what you think. :)


  1. What are you wearing on your feet? Oh dear. Watch out for your toes.

    It is such a long walk to his head from his rear that I was worried he would forget what he did by the time he got his treat, but he figured it out right away. Clever boy.

    Mango Momma

  2. Wow, he really learned that fast. What a great training session for the first time on that hoof.

    He is learning everything so well, so fast. I think it is because he is learning to learn. At this rate, by the time he is ready to ride, it will go so smoothly.


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