Saturday, March 12, 2011

Short Session & I'm Hurt

I took the day off yesterday which is why I didn't post anything. Today I was outside early taking pictures and Chrome was glued to my side. He was offering smile too. I finally gave up and got my clicker and treats since he seemed so intent on work. We worked on some following since he was doing so well. Backed a little. Did some lateral flexion on the opposite sides. Picked up the front legs. Rubbed his face on the right side. Forgot to do the left.

I was going to do some back lifts (first time not tied up), but he offered resting his rear hoof so I worked on that instead. When he put his hoof flat I started asking for it again. For some reason he thought I was asking him to yield and bumped into me with his hindquarters. It wouldn't have been a big deal except that I had hurt my foot earlier and was standing on one leg. I didn't fall, but it did hurt, so I chased him away. When I asked again he stomped his foot a few times and then rested his toe. I clicked/treated for as long as he held it, then ended the session. At least I remembered not to try a third time. I think that's all we worked on.

Then I worked with Zeppelin. I just reviewed what we already knew on his left side because I wanted to have a good session to boost my confidence after the not so good ones. :) I think it worked. I might try to have another session tonight.

Update: Yeah well I don't know when I'll be working with them again. When I said I hurt my foot earlier apparently I separated my toenail from my toe and it hurts really bad. I actually got sent home from work because I was so dizzy from pain that I couldn't do my job. :( I'm the fourth person to get hurt or sick that works there . . . . I hope our run of bad luck is over soon.

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  1. Ouch, that sounds very, very painful. I hope it heals quickly!


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