Sunday, November 12, 2017

A hoof stand makes all the difference...

 I love the lighting in this photo.  His face is so pretty.

Please forgive me for having so few photos.  I'm going to try to post more even if I don't have a bunch of pictures to share.  Anyway, I finally got a hoof stand back when Chrome and Rocky were first diagnosed with white line disease.  I don't know how I lived without it.

I love this thing!  It makes a world of difference.  Before this I was using a car jack thing that was all metal and weighed a LOT.  This thing is so light and maneuverable and has a wide base that I can put my foot on to hold it still.  It has the cup for resting the top of the hoof in or the round part for rasping from the top of the hoof.  I don't really use the cup very much because I don't use nippers very often.  I just rasp between their professional trims to prevent as many cracks as possible.  Preventing cracks helps prevent the white line by not giving it a place to grow.

Unfortunately I injured my shoulder a few weeks ago and I missed a few weeks of trimming.  I can only do two hooves per weekend because of my weak back, so I did Chrome's hind hooves this weekend. Next weekend I'll do his fronts.  If hubby doesn't do Rocky's then I'll do his the next week, although they are due for a trim before then so we will see.  It's really simple with the hoof stand to just put a quick bevel on the hooves when I don't get so far behind.  This weekend was a bit more difficult because I went so long between trims due to the injury.  I'll get caught up eventually if I stop hurting myself.

I'm really proud of Chrome though... I just wish I had pictures.  This weekend I was trimming his hooves by myself and I'm lazy so I just carried my chair, rasp and hoof stand out to the pasture.  Chrome was napping with one hind hoof resting on it's toe.  He watched me set my stuff up without moving.  Then I grabbed his hoof and started rasping without even putting a halter on him.  So I trimmed his hind hooves out in the pasture with no halter or rope.  The only problem is if Rocky decides to investigate because he will chase Chrome off which can be dangerous if I get on the wrong side.  Luckily Rocky had his head buried in the hay bale and was ignoring us.

I'll leave you with a picture of Zep waiting on the horses to go out to the back pasture.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wow it's been a while.....

 Look at my handsome boy!! He's so light!

Well it's been a while..... This summer has been fraught with injuries (me), TONS of overtime at work (me) and battling sweet itch (Chrome) and white line disease (Chrome and Rocky) with absolutely no riding.... but we won't dwell on the bad. 

To see a bit of what has been keeping us busy keep an eye out on my other blog Living a Farmer's Life (  I have posts scheduled for the next week to catch you up with what has been going on.  The horses deserve their own update as well, so here we go.  Keep in mind hubby took almost all of these pictures because I'm always at work during pretty much all of the daylight hours....

"Hey pops... can you help me out?  They stole my hay...."

 "No?  Okay what about some feed or treats or grass or something??"

 He sends me adorable pictures like this when I'm at work to cheer me up.

The white line battle was horrible and I never want to go through that again.  I cried so much.  Chrome is getting his hooves soaked in the above picture.  We use Oxine which is basically the same thing as White Lightning.

 Since we were in for lots of soaking I got some kayak dry sacks that had been suggested to me before on the blog when we were battling thrush.  They work great!!  I love those things!!  So much better than the ziplock bags and duct tape!

I made suspenders out of hay string for Rocky because they kept sliding down.  They didn't work very well since they weren't elastic.  He still tried to step out of them.  Oh well, it was funny and helped pass the time.  We might have to get some smaller ones for him or try vet wrapping the top as was suggested on IG since the fumes are what you want to keep inside when using Oxine/White Lightning.

 Every once in a while I got off early enough to see my boy in the daylight.

 My boy was so itchy all summer. He's so flexible!

 The good news is his tail has grown back!!!!

 Look at how pretty his coloring is (was...).

 Ignore his icky sweet itch sores and dingy mane and admire that awesome neck.

 Chrome likes to wear his food lol.

 Rocky is looking good!

 Look at how flea-bitten his face is getting! He's going to be just like his mom.

Love his gorgeous eyes.  You can totally see the Arabian in him here.

Well that's all for now.  I'll try to update more, but no promises until the overtime settles down and with the time change I rarely see daylight anymore...  I hope you all are doing well!  I miss you guys!!  I hope everyone is doing year end reviews in December because that's about the only way I'll be able to catch up at this point.  I'm going to go cuddle my boy since I'm not working this weekend!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Best Friends!

 You would think on a horse blog that if I did a post about best friends I would be talking about Chrome and Rocky right??  Well... see for yourself...

Chrome and Jasper get along great.  They play together in a way I haven't seen Chrome interact with a goat in years (he used to play with one of the bucklings we had the last time we raised goats).

Then there is Rocky and Zep...

Rocky isn't a super sociable horse, but he gets along with Zep a million times better than Chrome.  He doesn't bully Chrome as much anymore and they do play together sometimes, but they aren't exactly friends.  He would never let Chrome share his feed like Zep does.  It probably has something to do with the fact that Zep isn't a threat to Rocky in hierarchy.  It's not uncommon for the dominant horse to be friendlier with lower ranking individuals.  It just sucks for Chrome because he's not a dominant horse.  He submits to every adult horse he's ever been around.  At least he and Zep still adore each other and now he has Jasper too.  :)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday Chrome!

This happened a few days before Chrome's birthday.  I didn't get to be there because I was at work.  :(  Hubby took good care of the boys though.  Have I mentioned how much I love having a dentist who comes to my house??  And she's charges less than the vets that require you to haul them to the clinic. Oh and she doesn't put them in the head harness either, she lets them move around freely with their heads down.  She even gets on her knees if she has to.  Everything looked good on the teeth front.

 Chrome slept off his drugs while Rocky got doped.

 Poor doped Rocky.....  don't worry he's fine.  :)

 Sleepy Chrome.  Still has some dapples!

I think he's thinking evil thoughts about hubby lol.

Then it poured rain for days... including the day of his birthday..... :(

So a few days after his birthday I snapped these pictures of him grazing while I put his neem oil and Desitin on his sweet itch sores.

Sorry for the lack of updates and pictures.  I don't take my phone with me when I'm doing chores.  I get off work around five or six, go home, dump all of my stuff inside and then go outside to do chores.  I'll try to start taking my phone with me, but I'm afraid of breaking it.  I'm still not used to having a fancy smart phone haha.

Anyway Chrome is doing well and I can't believe he's eight years old!  The time has flown!  His face is getting so flea-bitten.  I need to get some close up pictures with the real camera for you guys sometime.  Maybe I can do it this weekend if it stops freaking raining.

Another reason I haven't been around is because our state had major flooding and I work in the auto salvage business so we have been insanely busy, then two people quit so we're extremely shorthanded, but we have to do the same amount of work.  I've been so busy doing menial office crap that I haven't even been getting to do titles which is what I love to do.  Oh well, I don't want to complain too much on the blog.  Hopefully we will get some people hired so that I can work less overtime and be less brain fried every day.  I'm dying to get back in the saddle.  I guess some more in hand work can't hurt.  His stifles always need all the help they can get.

I hope everyone is doing well!!  Now I have to finish up some more blog posts so I can go clean house... yay adulting!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quick Update

I just wanted to drop in for a quick update because I know some people are worried about my absence.  Everything is fine.  I'm just really busy,  I was also sick at one point (four days in bed with fever... that was a first) and the pinched nerve in my neck flared up at another point, but aside from all of that I am now doing well.  Chrome is doing great.  His sweet itch is flaring up already, but the neem oil manages it as well as it can.  He's still happy and healthy otherwise and I hope it makes you happy to see his smiling face again.  ;)

Can you believe how light he is getting??  He's going all flea bitten too.  He's so cute!

Rocky and Zep are doing well too.  I'll update about all of the other critters on my other blog when I can.  That's all for now.  I'm sorry I have neglected my blog and all of your blogs.  I miss you guys like crazy!  If you feel like leaving a comment with an update on how things are going with you I would love that.  Maybe it will help me feel less bad about missing everything on your blogs.  Later!

Oops I forgot a picture.  He looks so butt high for some reason, but he's still cute.  :)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chrome & Rocky Playing

Sorry I've been absent.  Life is just crazy right now.  I'm so happy it's daylight savings time because now maybe I'll be able to get stuff done during daylight after work.  If it ever stops raining....

For now here is a video of Chrome and Rocky playing last weekend.

This makes me so happy because Rocky can be a bully and I didn't think they really ever played.  I'm glad to see they do.

For those of you who can't watch videos here is a picture of my handsome, but filthy, Chrome.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chrome Ride 150 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 1

I finally got on my horse!!  This is only the second time I've been on him since last July.  The first time was a couple of months ago and was only for about a minute.  Today I rode twenty minutes.  There isn't much to say because all we did was walk around, with a couple of short trots and some work on backing up with his head down.  He felt good.  Not lame at all, although his stifles are a bit stiff.  The lack of riding hasn't helped his loose stifles.  He was a bit looky, but didn't spook.  There aren't a lot of horses that you can hop on bareback in a halter after seven months of no riding, so I was proud of him even though we didn't do much.  I'm so happy to be back to riding!

It was late so the pictures aren't great.  I had a really bad headache and a crick in my neck, but it actually wasn't raining so I decided I better just jump on.  If I keep waiting for the perfect riding weather I won't ride all winter...  oh and don't judge me on how filthy he is!!  I didn't have time to groom him before I rode or it would have been full dark by the time I got on!

 Sniffing the cat.

Sorry for the short post.  Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to post about soon.  Just waiting on that longer daylight.... I hope you guys are all having fun and doing well.  I'll try to get caught up on blogs.  I'm so behind it seems impossible, but I'll keep trying.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chrome's Dapples

We were putting out hay and the sun was actually shining so I got some pictures of Chrome to show you his dapples.  They aren't super impressive, but they are there.  :D

Ignore the dirt.  He is so filthy!  It was raining yesterday.

Below are some that I edited the white contract and darkened them so you can see them better.  I wish he looked like that in person hehe.

Dapples!!!!  He's so cute!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Contribution From Freelance Writer

I'm sorry I haven't been posting.  Things are still crazy.  I can't wait until it starts staying lighter later.  It's always dark when I get home so I don't even bother trying to get pictures during our walks and ground exercises.  I unfortunately haven't been able to ride because the pinched nerve in my neck flared up.... hopefully someday I'll get to.  I wish it would stop raining on the weekends so I could ride then....

Anyway I was approached by a freelance writer that wanted to share a post and since it's a subject I'm interested in I agreed to it.  Check it out below.


The New Equine Therapy Helping Cancer Patients

For those suffering with cancer, it can seem as if there is little hope sometimes. However, there have been groundbreaking developments in an alternative type of therapy for cancer patients and survivors. It has been found that horses can help give hope and comfort to patients with cancer, by offering emotional and physical support to those who need it the most.

How Horses Help: A study into equine-assisted therapy took place with women who’d completed their breast cancer treatment. The participants spent 16 weeks with the horses, in which the participants had 2 hours of contact with the animal each week. It was reported that they had experienced both a physical and psychological improvement due to the horses. As a result of this, the participants increased their strength after treatment, as well as their fitness levels.  

To read more about the benefits of equine therapy, take a look at how Horses Help Cancer Patients.


I hope you'll check out the article because there are links to places that offer equine therapy and if they are in your area you might look into volunteering.  I volunteered at a therapeutic riding center for disabled children and it was an experience I will never forget.  It's definitely a worthwhile cause if you're looking into volunteering.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Goals

I'm going to leave my 2017 goals kind of loose because something always happens that screws with my plans... like his injury for the entire second half of 2016.  I think I might try the 100 ride challenge again, but my main focus is going to be on getting us both back in shape and keeping us healthy.  I have gained so much weight from sitting at a desk job and doing nothing active because I was too depressed with my horse being injured to get motivated.  So here are my lofty goals...

1. Complete the 100 ride challenge
2. Lose weight for both of us (he looks pregnant still)
3. Get us both back in shape

I was also reading one of my favorite blogs A Horse Crazy American in Germany and she's working with her green Arabian Mag.  She said in one of her posts "ride a green horse like he's trained and he will start acting like it" (paraphrasing because I have a headache and can barely think straight).  I've heard this saying before, but I completely forgot about it!  It really does work.  I've seen it with my own two eyes lol.  So I'm going to start pretending like Chrome is a grown up, fully trained horse and pretending like I actually know how to ride to see if we both improve.  ;)

4.  Pretend like we both know what we're doing until we actually do.

I've also been daydreaming since I found out I can ride again and one of the things I've been really excited about.... is cantering!  I have no idea why I'm excited about it now instead of terrified, but I'll take advantage of it.

5. Do lot's of cantering.

I also feel like part of my problem is I lack direction or a goal... I do a lot of meandering around just to log saddle hours where we don't do anything productive.  So I'm going to try to have goals... obviously I know horses being horses that I might have to change my plan or drop it altogether, but at least having a plan in mind should help keep us from wandering around aimlessly.  I have two things I can focus on when we are riding around the house... me and Chrome.  So I want to work on...

6.  My equitation
7.  Teaching Chrome valuable skills like half halts, turning on the forehand/haunches, neck reining, etc.  Stuff I should have taught him a long time ago.

For improving our fitness and teaching him skills in our less than perfect riding area I want to also work on...

8. Transitions, transition, transitions!

I might even set up the round pen (get over my fear of circles with his stifles... he has to strengthen them someday...) or revisit the idea of an arena.

As usual my thoughts are all over the place, but this is just the stuff that has been swimming around in my brain.  It's all just loose ideas, not concrete plans.  I'm not sure I'm even one hundred percent committed to the 100 ride challenge or not, but I'm hoping it will be motivation to get in the saddle when I'm exhausted from a bad day at work (they are frequent unfortunately.. we're understaffed and I work with several idiots).

So for motivation I'm going to stare at old pictures of Chrome and I riding and having fun.

This is where cantering was finally getting fun.

 This ride was SO FUN!!!! Riding in the snow is awesome.

 Decorated for Christmas.  So fun!

 Cantering in a big open field for the first (or maybe it was the second) time.  So freeing!

 Boy can trot!!!

 Just chilling.

 This might have been the first canter in the field.

 We were finally getting confident on the road... riding past other horses on the BUCKLE!

 Heavy equipment is not scary at all.  He was staring at horses, not the bulldozer.

 The two point challenge (and pretending to be a jockey) was fun. 

 Riding tackless is terrifying and exciting!

 Actual summer riding?? What? 

 He's so cute!

Sometimes so relaxed...

 Other times so tense lol.  

I had a hard time trusting him when we first started riding on the road at the new house.

 And some really old pictures showing where we started!

 His tenth ride (first in saddle).

 His third ride I think.

 Our first white Christmas ride years ago. 

 I miss having the lease land to ride on.

 Goofing off pushing his ears forward because he was being grouchy.

Haha, I'm so lazy, napping on the job.  ;)

These pictures definitely do make me want to ride again, so I guess it's working.  Let's hope this year is much better than last.  :D