Saturday, June 3, 2017

Best Friends!

 You would think on a horse blog that if I did a post about best friends I would be talking about Chrome and Rocky right??  Well... see for yourself...

Chrome and Jasper get along great.  They play together in a way I haven't seen Chrome interact with a goat in years (he used to play with one of the bucklings we had the last time we raised goats).

Then there is Rocky and Zep...

Rocky isn't a super sociable horse, but he gets along with Zep a million times better than Chrome.  He doesn't bully Chrome as much anymore and they do play together sometimes, but they aren't exactly friends.  He would never let Chrome share his feed like Zep does.  It probably has something to do with the fact that Zep isn't a threat to Rocky in hierarchy.  It's not uncommon for the dominant horse to be friendlier with lower ranking individuals.  It just sucks for Chrome because he's not a dominant horse.  He submits to every adult horse he's ever been around.  At least he and Zep still adore each other and now he has Jasper too.  :)


  1. So long as they have a friend, right? Chrome seems to really like Jasper.

    I had a racehorse on my string years ago who had his own cat; unless the horse was out on the track, the cat was always laying across the horse's butt. Once the horse left the barn, his cat would go stretch & eat, but as soon as the horse was off the wash rack & back in his stall, his cat would be right there again.
    When the horse retired from racing, the cat went with him because they just could not be separated.

    1. Aww!!!!! That is such a sweet story!!


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