Monday, December 21, 2009

Which neck?

Here's something fun to think about. Of course we won't have an answer until Chrome is grown, but still. :) While out feeding I started taking pictures of Chrome, mostly because I wanted to show you all how his neck is thickening up and I got to thinking . . . will he have a Friesian neck or an Arabian neck? Here are some pictures. Let me know what you think! You can click to enlarge for a better view.

Here are a couple of Friesians. I couldn't find any in the exact position, but you get the idea.

And here are a couple of Arabians. I don't mind either way which breed he resembles more because they're both beautiful.

One last picture of my cutie pie.

"Mom! I'm trying to eat!!"


  1. Hard to tell speaking as a doggie who doesn't really have a neck at all. My guess is more Friesian. What kind of strange word is that anyway?


  2. Silly Mango Friesians are from Friesland!

  3. I think maybe Friesian too. He is such a cute little guy, love his expression in that last picture ;)

  4. I think friesian Seeing that he has friesian blood.


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