Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Chrome is doing great! He loves his new barn and I also got him to eat four nicker maker treats today. I have to offer them when he's out of his morning hay or he just ignores them in favor of his yummy hay. :) Oh I do have Galaxy eating little baby carrots occasionally too. :)

Chrome is growing so much! I can't wait to take all of his measurements on the nineteenth. I haven't been doing much with him aside from the daily stuff like grooming, feeding, spending time with him. I realized the other day that I have years to teach him tricks and to prepare him for being ridden, so I'm going to stop worrying so much on what I need to be doing and just enjoy him the way he is now, because he won't be a young and cute weanling like this for long.

I'm probably going to wait until spring to start clicker training him, when I can feel my fingers again lol. For now I'm going to love on him and keep testing out various treats with him. I just adore my big goofy colt. When I drive home after a long day at work and I look out at him in the pasture my heart just swells. I love just randomly going outside to give him a hug if I'm feeling down. I'll try to get pictures sometime (when fingers aren't frozen haha) and I'll keep randomly updating but we won't be doing any training for now. :) Later!


  1. This was such an upbeat post. I'm so glad you're just going to enjoy your baby boy for now. It's like human babies, they're only little for awhile - enjoy and love love love on em while you can (and they let you!)

  2. Yeah, the frozen fingers can be a problem. I was working on my dance moves tonight outside and momma didn't know her fingers were totally in my mouth until I kind of reminded her. Whoops.


    P.S. I guess the phrase "you could put a saddle on that thing" isn't an insult for a big old guy like Chrome.

  3. Sounds like he's doing great! I love all the pictures at the top of the page?

    Will he eat grain? I use that for clicker training for a lot of the youngsters--they get a quarter sized amount or so for each click. Some of them it really takes awhile before they figure out how to chew the treats!

    Where do you live again?

    Training in the cold is yucky. It's been in the 30s here, and very windy. I was having technical problems with my camera yesterday, and then was so overjoyed when I got it to work that I went running outside and starting filming and forgot to put my gloves back on! My fingers were not happy! Texas is usually not like this, and it does not make me miss living in Chicago!!



  4. Clicker training with frozen fingers is no fun, so I don't blame you waiting till spring. I think it's just great that you adore him and seeing him lifts your spirits, that's what horse ownership is all about :)


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