Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second Road Walk - Pictures!

Okay, the pictures are finally here! I decided I was too tired to edit them last night so sorry you had to wait until this morning. So here they are.

Chrome wanted to check out my vehicle and then he spotted a rug that we had accidentally left outside, so we had to check that out. For people unfamiliar with how a horse's vision works, things like this rug (e.g. dark objects on the ground) look like holes to the horses and they can't tell how deep it is, so they prefer not to step in it. It's the same with water, they don't know if it's shallow or if they're stepping off into the ocean lol. :) I thought he was very brave.

"Whoa! What's that?"

"I don't know if I want to step on it Mom."

"Oh, I'm standing on it already. Not so bad."

Then it was Galaxy's turn.

"Whoa! I'm not walking on that!"

"Oh grass. Never mind. I'm good."

All Galaxy had on her mind during the whole walk was eating grass. She's going through a growth spurt so she's hungry all the time. :)

Chrome was very alert, but he walked eagerly on. I think he really enjoyed himself. Occasionally he would try to turn back home, but that was more, I think, because it was close to dinner time than being nervous or anything like that. :)

"Mom, why are you walking backwards?"

"You should probably pay attention to where you're going mom!"

Galaxy was being a total mare during the whole walk. Take that in whatever context you would like. :)

In the above picture she wanted Chrome to walk with her instead of on the other side of the road.

Chrome was happy being the leader and walking on his own. That's what I love about this colt. As long as he's with someone it doesn't matter if they are human or equine. I think he's going to make a perfect partner.

I love the above picture because of the sun and his shadow. Below are some pictures of him walking through a mud puddle. He was so great he didn't even hesitate. I think it's funny how I kind of subconsciously compare him to the mare I grew up with. She hated water!

Galaxy didn't care as long as she had grass to eat.

Sorry they were dirty, we didn't have time to groom if we wanted to get the walk in before dark. Galaxy's back looks gross because of the MTG I have to put on her for the rain rot. We got a lot of it with the last treatment, but it was so widespread and her winter coat is so thick that it's taken a second treatment. Let's hope we get it all this time. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Totally impressed by them going on the rug! Mine likes to have a really good scrape at anything before she will step on it! :D

    I also know what it's like having one that needs to snack every three steps because the grass outside is always so much better than the stuff at home.:)

  2. Chrome! I am with you about putting my feet on strange objects. Momma says that she used to hang out with horses a lot and my conservative foot placement reminds her of them. Well, if I am like you, big and handsome and wonderful, then that is a good thing.



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