Monday, November 30, 2009

Second Road Walk & Dinner Time

We took Chrome and Galaxy on their second walk on the road. We took the same short, dead end road as last time and they did fantastic!! Before you get all upset I did take pictures, I just haven't edited them yet. As a matter of fact they are uploading off my camera right this second. I'll do a follow up post with the pictures. Chrome made me proud because he walked right through mud puddles, he listened very well, never spooked and he even trotted on lead (still learning this). Just wait til you see the pictures.

Also, if you remember the story I told about Chrome at dinner time. When I check on him I ask him if he's done yet and if he nickers that means he has finished. I finally got a video of it, so here it is! :D

Isn't he just so cute?! Anyway I'm going to start editing pictures so I can post them. :)


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