Monday, November 23, 2009

The Exciting News

Okay, now finally to the exciting news. I bet you can't guess what Chrome wants in the picture above. Nicker Makers!! He's finally decided he loves the Nicker Maker treats I bought! Between the two of them they ate half a bag of them just while taking these pictures!! Which means I can start clicker training soon. :)

Also, just to keep things in perspective I'm five feet ten inches tall, so Chrome is not as small as he appears in the following pictures. If you're used to being around Quarter Horses and Appaloosas he's huge compared to a weanling of those breeds. He'll more than likely mature with his back at about my chin when I'm standing up straight. :)

So, here are the pictures.

He still sometimes makes faces.

This one looks like an advertisement for Nicker Makers. :D

More please!

Rattling the bag to get pretty ears from the greedy horses.

Stretch for it!

Laughing at Galaxy for wrapping herself around the pole instead of looking over the gate.

Being mean and teasing Galaxy.

It'll be so easy to teach Chrome to smile!
**It looks like Gal is eating my hand lol!

That can't be all!!

I'm going to try to get video of Chrome while we're working on whip desensitizing. He's only seen the whip once (and tried to eat it) and he did so great! He's not scared of it at all, even when I swing it over his head. You'll just have to wait for the video. Here are a couple of pictures.

First time seeing the whip. Giving it a good sniff.

And a nibble.

Rubbing it on his body.

Starts nibbling the lash.

When he took the lash in his mouth I looped it over his head like a bridle and bit. He was a teeny bit surprised, but didn't mind. When I pulled it off his head he still didn't want to let go.

Watching the neighbor's horse Two Socks.

Then I did some work swinging the whip around him and over his body, but it doesn't show up well in pictures, so like I said, I'll get a video tomorrow. It's about time I put my new tripod to use. :D

And a good job rub. He loves having his forehead rubbed.

I was excited today because after I fed him supper and took him back to his nighttime corral he lowered his head before I could rub his forehead! So he has made the connection that lowering his head gets his halter off. :) That's all for now.


  1. Now that you know those are yummers treats you two are kind of little piggies, huh?

    I would watch out for that whip. I think she plans to make you go jogging soon. That sounds like too much work for me.


  2. Beautiful horses, now you've found the right treat clicker will be soooo easy! :D

  3. What a cutie!

    Keep us updated on how the clicker training goes!

    Mary H.


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