Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rains are coming . . .

Well winter is finally shoving it's ugly self back into our lives. The rains start again tomorrow so pictures will be slim. I've enjoyed this beautiful, long Indian Summer we've had. One of the best autumns I can remember in a long time (or maybe it's just that having horses again got me outside enjoying it again instead of holed up by my computer). The nineteenth is coming up soon so look forward to Chrome's progress report. I can't wait to measure him again! He looks like he's grown some.

I'll continue to keep you updated on our progress even without pictures. We've just been doing the same routine everyday so far (good to make a routine for them). I brush Chrome and pick up all four hooves while he eats breakfast, then I give them hay while I finish my other chores. If I don't work or I have an early day I let them out into the bigger field to graze on the sparse grass that's still growing. They also get to play and run around while out. Then I feed them supper, put them up and give them more hay.

I've been doing research on what's a safe amount of exercise for a weanling and I think I'm going to start walking him twenty minutes a day for about four or five days out of the week. That way he gets the exercise he needs to build bone density but gets the rest he needs to grow. On days when my husband isn't working I'm going to try to walk both horses on the roads (instead of around the farm) to get them used to traffic. Starting early will turn them into spectacular trail horses. Keep an eye out for updates.

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