Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Desensitization Training

Okay, the video I told you I would get yesterday . . . I got it today. The rain and crazy wind yesterday kind of prevented me from doing it then. So I went out today and got video. Get ready to hold onto your hats because this colt is one wild bronco (my apologies if the video is boring). ;)

Poor guy looked almost bored to tears. :) Now that the little brat is eating treat we will start doing something fun. I just need to go buy some more because they ate them all. Oops. I'll probably make my target stick today as that will be the first thing I'll teach him. :)

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  1. Brilliant, calm, work, and Chrome is such a dude! :D You are very lucky to have a blank canvas to work on, I think he will make a great riding horse. He seems so laid back!


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