Monday, November 2, 2009

Ear Tufts

I wanted to share something cute about Chrome. His ear tufts!! Sorry about the fence in some of the pictures. :)

Here are some more pictures.

I love how ninety percent of the time when Chrome is dozing while standing that his ears point forward instead of falling to the side like most horses. It's so cute!!! It looks like he's awake, but he's actually asleep.

Don't you wish you could sleep while standing? I'm sure you noticed in the pictures that I have a short catch rope on him. I put it on because he was spinning away from me when I reached for the halter. He's ninety five percent over this, but just in case he decides to start the hard to catch game over again I'm leaving it on a few more days. I don't like leaving the halters on, but I will if I must. They're in a safe area where it can't be hung on anything. :)

Galaxy is doing fantastic with her leading training. She now leads happily. Occasionally she tries to walk on your heels, but she's getting better. When upset she also tends to forget about nearby humans, but she's yielding very well to halter pressure so it hasn't been a problem. I'll work on her attention soon. She also stands tied perfectly. For a horse who was supposedly not 'halter-broke', she's picked it up very fast! I'm proud of her. I think she's going to be a smart little filly. I also love the way she picks her feet up really big when she walks over something. She's going to be a great trail horse who knows how to watch her footing. If I find the time tomorrow I'll post a video of her walking through the gate. She had some gate issues because horses in general are claustrophobic, but she's getting much better!

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  1. Those are little old man ears.



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