Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Road Walk

Because Chrome and Galaxy will be trail horses for the most part and because we don't really have trails so we're forced to ride along the roads, we took them on their first road walk. Normally if I had an older trained horse I would pony the young horses because they learn from the older horse that there is nothing to be afraid of. Unfortunately because I don't have an older horse I get to hand walk the young horses and get just as much exercise as them ick. ;D

They did fantastic for their first time! The round pen I work and feed in/by is near a road so they're used to seeing traffic. Chrome only got antsy when a car approached from behind and he couldn't turn to see it. All he did was trot around me though. I'm sure if I'd turned him to face it he wouldn't have even trotted.

Galaxy made scared eyes at a burned stump, a huge mud puddle and a sign, but never spooked. The only time she balked was at the mud puddle, but as soon as I walked Chrome past she was fine. So anyway, here are the pictures.

"We're ready."

Chrome is ready.

Galaxy and my husband.

Chrome wasn't sure about me walking behind his shoulder to take the picture.

Cutie Chrome!!

Look at the stride on this filly!! She has incredible reach with her
rear legs (good thing!) and walks super fast (also good thing).

Uncooperative horses. I wanted them both to put their ears forward.

Studmuffin. ;)

Galaxy with my husband.

"Mom, I'm ready to go home."

What a neck! He was so relaxed and confident on the walk. I was so proud of him!

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  1. What a nice walkie! You are both doing great. You have many adventures ahead of you.



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