Sunday, November 22, 2009

Exciting News/Bad News/Cute Pictures

I'm going to be cruel now. The exciting news I'm waiting to tell you tomorrow when I have pictures to go with. :D Sorry.

The bad news is that Chrome has rain rot (click rain rot to see explanation) now too. I knew there really wasn't any way to prevent it since Galaxy has it so bad. His isn't nearly as wide spread so we will treat it and get it taken care of. Galaxy needs another treatment too the poor girl. This probably explains Chrome's dandruff too.

Anyway on to the interesting pictures.

The horses share their breakfasts and dinners every morning and evening with the chickens. Galaxy probably doesn't appreciate it because she likes to clean up what she drops, but I don't mind because it means not a single morsel of feed is being wasted. Gotta love those chickens!

Check back tomorrow for more fun pictures.


  1. Rain rot. Ick. I read about it. Sounds kind of yucky.

    I used to be a real slob when I ate, but ever since PeeWee came along and lurks around for any crumbs I am much tidier and we NEVER have kibbles on the ground anymore.


  2. Rain rot is nasty, hope it clears up soon. Love the chickens as the cleaner-uppers, great idea!

  3. Have you heard of neem oil? I've heard of a few people using it sucessfully on mud fever/rain scald. It's natural and not too expensive, smells a bit though!


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