Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad Habits

I forgot how easy it is to teach your horse bad habits. Sigh.

After Chrome finishes eating I've been taking him back to his pen and unbuckling his halter. Then I would hold one side of the halter up and rub his forehead. When he lowered his head (this eventually makes bridling easier) I would let the halter drop smoothly off his face as his reward. Today he and I were both impatient (I was cold/he wanted hay) and I noticed that instead of lowering his head he was actually rooting his nose out and down. It was a downward motion so without thinking I let the halter slip off. Oh well. Next time I'll work on getting him to lower his head without the rooting motion and hold it still for a second before I take off the halter. Things would be so much easier if he would just eat treats so I could clicker train him. The nicker makers are still hit and miss. Occasionally he will eat them, other times he doesn't want them. The joy of training weanlings. :)


  1. Hey! Chrome is no dummy. He is watching you!


  2. Have you ever tried Stud Muffins. It seems our horses will do anything for one of these delicious treats. They like peppermints too. I'm sure you'll find a treat he likes and it will make your training easier. Good luck.


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