Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Galaxy Confronts the Gate

I'm going to make a Galaxy hijack of Chrome's blog. :) I'm very proud of the filly, so I thought I would share. For those of you just joining Galaxy is a grade filly that I got as company for Chrome. They said she was a Quarter horse, but I think she may have some Tennessee Walker in her. If you ever see this girl move I think you'd agree. Later in the week we're going to try to get walking and trotting video of them both.

Galaxy had never been taught to lead when we got her and probably had never even left the place where she was born, so any progress is huge for her. In a little over a week she has learned to lead. She needs work on her whoa as she has a tendency to crowd. :) Also, with horses being natural claustrophobics they usually have issues with tight spaces like gates and horse trailers. Galaxy is no different. So here is a video of her facing her gate issues . . .

I was so proud of her! I also really love the way she picks her feet way up like she thinks the pipe on the ground is going to eat her lol! I think she'll make a great trail horse eventually because she watches her footing really well. Here are some pictures of her walking around the pasture. She's doing so well. Keep an eye out either later today or tomorrow for pictures of Chrome and Galaxy going on their first road walk. :D

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