Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Good Boy

When will I learn to keep my camera with me at all times?? I was laying in bed because I had a headache and heard the horses playing around so I looked out the window (which overlooks the dog yard and part of the pasture yay!). Chrome trotted up the hill and stopped by the dog yard. Sarge, the little Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix I'm pupsitting was the only one outside. Jackal was curled up with me giving me comforts (and snoring).

Chrome sniffed noses with Sarge then turned his butt to him and lifted a rear leg. That's one thing I've noticed about my cute little colt. He doesn't seem to know how to kick! He knows to turn his butt and lift a rear leg but he never kicks out (unlike Galaxy who has deadly aim). So Sarge reached through the fence and sniffed his leg. Then Chrome turned around again and started pawing the ground. When Sarge jumped up against the fence Chrome put his head over and started grooming the dog on the shoulder!! Sarge licked Chrome's face and ear. I ran to get the camera, but when I got back Chrome had moved on to pawing and chewing on the water hose. I'm so happy to see he's got his spunk and playfulness back.

The head lowering to get the halter removed is going much better. Once I realized he was rooting I was able to hold onto the halter until he lowered his head and held it still. We're at about waist height (I'm tall), so he's doing good. Eventually I would like to have him lowering his head all the way to the ground like my mare used to. We'll get there. We have so much time ahead of us to play and learn together. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Tomorrow is his progress report. You will never guess how much he's grown!!

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  1. Sheesh! Camera. Carry. Always.

    What a wonderful moment.



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