Thursday, November 12, 2009


We finally have success in the treat department! I've been trying to find a treat that they like because I want to start clicker training them. They both like their pelleted feed, but I drop too much of it and Chrome has a tendency to bite down (like when he eats out of his bucket) and can get my skin, so I wanted a single treat that's big enough for him to just grab it and go.

I just tried them with Nicker Makers and after much chewing, spitting out and head shaking, between the two of them, they ate a single Nicker Maker (about an inch by half an inch in size). They're a mix of different grains with a molasses and apple flavoring. I think texture and the hardness of the treats is what puts them off normally. This one is kind of hard, but has a more pellet/grain texture so I think that's why it worked. The corn in it may take some getting used to. I'm so happy we may finally be on our way to doing some clicker training. I'm excited! I'll keep you all updated.

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