Monday, November 9, 2009

More sleeping pictures.

Weanlings and yearlings sleep a lot! Probably because they're doing so much growing. :) I think they're just so cute sleeping that I thought I'd post a few more.

I've still just been working on the same things with Chrome. Galaxy is going to get some manners lessons soon. Because she was never taught how to interact appropriately with humans she sometimes gets very pushy. She usually tries to just push through you and when she turns around she'll sometimes swing her butt into you. She's not being mean, she just doesn't know what's appropriate. Horses push their way up through the herd hierarchy by throwing their weight around, but she needs to learn she can't do that with humans. I'll keep you updated.

This morning when I fed Chrome I was taking a rake out to do some poop patrol and decided to let him investigate the new object. He was very wary of it at first, but after only a few moments he was eating his food while I touched to rake to his body and let it sit on his back. I'm proud of the boy.

Yesterday while we were working on the chicken coop our stupid neighbors had their four wheelers out (on a paved road nonetheless!!) and because we live on a hill they were gunning the engines and doing wheelies. This spooked the horses and almost sent them through a fence so we put them in the round pen and called the cops. Without going into great detail the police weren't surprised and have had to deal with these people before. I'm so ready to move back out into the country! I'm sick of stupid people and having neighbors within sight of my house.

Enough complaining though. :)

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  1. Stupid people on their machines. Grrrrr.

    You do look kind of cute sleeping especially on your side with all your stiff legs sticking out.



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