Friday, December 11, 2009

New Barn!!

Okay, the new barn has been built!! Yay! And the horses apparently love it because this morning it was full of fresh poop lol. I wasn't able to get pictures during the building process because I had to go to work, but I did get this one. Sorry it's cluttered but it's also really the only one that has humans next to it. Look how tall it it.

Below is the view from the house.

We went with the 24x16 barn so we can build two 12x12 stalls. We also went with one that is eight feet tall in the back and ten feet tall in the front. Since it's up on a cross tie foundation it is actually a lot taller, but this allows us to eventually build a loft in it and there's no danger of a horse rearing and hitting it's head. We're also planning to close in the front a little bit and maybe put in some insulation (for sound protection and warmth). You can click to enlarge any of the pictures.

Because it's so tall it makes my horses look like midgets.

Galaxy was a little unsure at first.

But after exploring some they were both fine.

In fact it wasn't long before Galaxy was asking for hay.

My cute, dirty, furry little Chrome.

No idea what they were doing in this picture.
Can't tell if they were chasing the cat or playing.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I'll try to get them cleaned up a little and get some more pictures. Or I may just wait until the nineteenth when I do Chrome's progress report. Here's a good idea on how much he's grown. Since coming to live here with me he's grown out of two holes on his halter!! It's almost time to buy him a new one. I'll try to get a picture soon to show how far that is. Night all!


  1. That barn is HUGE! You can totally have parties in there for all your pals.


  2. Wow, that is a beautiful barn, it is huge, I can't believe how tall it is! Just in time for winter too, I bet they will be making good use of it soon :)

  3. Nice barn with plenty of room for the ponies. Closing in part of the front will be perfect.


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