Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas (Chrome's Twelfth Ride)

 Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had a totally awesome day!  We had to cancel our out of town plans (actually just rescheduled) because of the weather, but I don't care because.......

I got to ride Chrome in the snow for the first time ever!!!!!!!

 This is the first time we've ever really had snow on Christmas day that I can remember, so it was so cool to get to ride Chrome in it.  I didn't ride long because the snow was still falling and I was FREEZING, but we had fun!

 Chrome wanted to go into the trees to get out of the falling snow so we practiced steering (getting much better!), ducking limbs, walking down narrow trails, etc.  He is going to make a spectacular trail horse I can already tell!  I love my horse!  

 He didn't even mind being followed by the umbrella lol.  I don't have a lot of action shots because my husband was shivering and the snow was falling so they all turned out blurry.  It's okay though because we had a lot of fun!  I also got videos, but I'll show them to you tomorrow.  I'm too tired to upload them, but they are awesome! 

He was trying to steal my Santa hat out of my husband's pocket hehe.  I totally forgot to take pictures with it.  His ears were wet and he didn't really want them messed with.  So look forward to videos tomorrow.  What did you all do for Christmas?  :D


  1. What a magical day. Well worth a bit of a chill.

    Mango Momma

  2. so worth facing the cold for that!!! sounds like a wonderful day with lots of great pics i look forward to the video

  3. Fun! I hope you had a Merry Christmas! You should be so proud of the great job you are doing with Chrome :)

  4. Agree with Allison - you're doing such a good job with Chrome. What a great Christmas present!!

  5. Love the riding in the snow pics - something I have yet to do with Riva. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. One of the few things I miss about having a horse in alaska is the snow rides. I loved running or tails off in the snow!!!! Your pictures are lovely. It is nice when we actually get to see you in them.


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