Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report (and fourteenth ride!)

 Sorry the lighting sucks on this picture.  Trust me it was the best one of the whole bunch.  :(

Date: 1-19-13
Age: 3 Years 8 Months
Height: 15.2hh
Height Gain: None.
Weight:  I was lazy and didn't measure his weight.  :)
 Weight Gain: I don't know.

 Progress:  We've been doing some clicker training and riding, but that's about it.  Scroll down to read more (and see pictures) from today's ride! 

Goals:  There's been a delay on the decision making front so I'm still impatiently waiting.....  Trust me it will be worth the wait when I finally tell you guys!

Now on to the ride!  It was so pretty again that I had to go for a ride.  We walked out to the barn (halfway across the thirty acres) to get Chrome so we could measure him and I rode him back to the house.  After measuring him and taking pictures we went to the pasture to ride around for a bit.  The pictures tell the story better than I can.....

This is when we walked up to the house to measure him.  I hadn't even put the bridle on him yet.  Taking a picture from his back makes my husband look short (he's 5'10") LOL!

 I wish I hadn't been looking away, but he's so cute I added it anyway.

 Saying hi to handsome Faran.

 My turn to say hi to Faran.  He's getting a lot more confident about approaching while I'm on Chrome's back.  :D

 And then we stood on the pedestal.  Of course he tried everything he knew to get a treat.  Here he's offering his lateral flexion.  :)

 Here I'm asking him to smile.  My husband got the picture mid smile, but it's still cute.  Isn't Chrome so good at multitasking?  He can stand on his pedestal and do tricks at the same time.  I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time lol!

 Sidesaddle (without the saddle) anyone?  This was the first time I'd ever sat on him sideways or backwards.  Notice he's standing loose with no one holding him?  He's such a good boy!!

Me:  "Where's the steering on this thing??"
Chrome:  "Mom.... I think you got something backwards....."

I rode him around a bit while sitting backwards on him.  Wow, I forgot how weird that feels lol.  He was totally fine with it.  Then when I turned back around I was thinking..... where did his shoulders go??  I wish he was as wide up front as he is in the booty lol.

Then I rode him back out to the barn so we could give them hay.  On the way out there I picked up the rope that was attached to his halter and swung it gently at his haunches while asking him to trot and guess what!  He did!  LOL.  He didn't need a ground cue at all and trotted four or five strides.  Such a good boy!  I could see myself getting hooked on trotting pretty quickly hehe.  I think we will work on steering a bit more before we experiment too much with speed lol.

So anyway that pretty much covers it.  I'll talk to you guys later!


  1. These are so fun. Somehow I don't think I will be that brave on Dickie a year from now. He is going to get wider dont' worry. Bre got wider until she was six. She doesn't even look like the same horse as she was at four. They mature from the bottom up so his chest/ribs are going to get wider. Look at Dickie's pics from the front. He looks like a grown up from the side and a yearling from the front. It is funny to see him run from face on. He has this giant thick legs and a tiny little chest.

  2. It's wonderful to see how relaxed and playful you and Chrome are together. Even Fahren is getting used to the two of you. Chrome is so goofy!

    Mango Momma

  3. That first trot is exciting - I remember :) Chrome is taking it all in stride - he is growing up so pretty!


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