Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So Busy!

Sorry I haven't posted like I said I would.... I've been sooo busy.  We are making a lot of progress on the house and I promise I will get pictures of it posted as soon as possible.  I'm super excited though because we get to start painting this weekend!!!!  :D  I can't wait until it is done so we can move in and so I have time for other things.... like riding my horse!  The picture above was from earlier this year when the plum trees were blooming.  Isn't he so handsome?

Chrome's sweet itch is awful.  :(  The neem oil helps, but can't totally prevent it because I've only been using it at night and sometimes I'm late with it... The bugs have been horrible this year because we've gotten more rain than normal.... well not more than normal, but more than usual considering we've had droughts for years.  I can't walk outside without being eaten alive by mosquitoes and I'm not talking about just at dawn and dusk... I mean all day!!  So we're making plans for our new horse barn (which sadly we can't start building until next year probably because we will have to save up from building the house).... I'm going to make Chrome a large stall and completely screen it in with the no-see-um netting they use around pools.  That way I can put him up at dawn and dusk for a few hours to eat hay and he won't get bitten.  There will be fans as well.  The gnats hate moving air so even when I leave the stall open during the day he will be able to use it if the flies are bad.  I want to get a fly sheet, but the pasture is too thick with trees and undergrowth on parts of it and he would destroy it in a day.  Not to mention my sweet, but seriously destructive donkey LOL!

So that's the plan.  For now I'll just keep using neem oil and fly spray and treating his bug bites as best I can.  I normally don't say this, but I can't wait for winter when all the blasted bugs will die (or hibernate)!

Other than his sweet itch Chrome is as happy as can be.  He nickers at me everyday when I go out to feed and he smiles at me in hopes I have an apple (our apple tree is bowed over it's so heavy with apples).  :)  He's such a sweetheart.  I'm going to continue going through my old pictures so I can share the ones you missed while I completed the computer swap.  I'll get new ones soon too I hope.

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