Monday, September 7, 2015

Chrome Ride 111 - Rocky Ride 3 (with us)

These boys are so cute!!!  I'm seriously thinking this should be my new header picture hehe.  Hubby and I finally got to ride them at the same time!  :D  It's about time hehe.

This boy was an angel!
Love him!

This boy was a brat, but I still love him!

In the above picture you can see Rocky's new bridle minus the noseband.  It is a leather halter/bridle combo, but it's an Aussie style so it's different from what I'm used to.  Even after punching holes the noseband is still too small so we're going to get a replacement.  He has a thick face!!  Once we get the replacement I'll do a post on the bridle.  It is really cool!!  The gold/brass stitching/metal looks soooo good on him!!  I wish his bit matched lol.  The funny thing is I realized the Aussie saddle has brass fittings and the western saddle has silver!!  So we need to switch so their tack matches.  I've gotten really comfortable in the Aussie saddle darn it.  So comfort versus desire to match... gonna have to give that one some thought LOL!

 We only rode around the yard for twenty minutes.  We mostly walked with a tiny bit of trotting.  Chrome's stifle gave out once, but otherwise he did fine.  I could tell when twenty minutes was up without even looking at my phone because Chrome was wore out in that time.  I have to get him back in shape!  Hubby likes to bushwhack so we did quite a bit of riding in the trees on our property which I don't normally do because I don't like ticks and stickers lol.  It really was fun though!

Rocky was being very barn sour.  He was grouchy and slow going away from the pasture, but walked really, really fast going toward it.  We were trotting up and down the driveway just to get them moving... Rocky was fine going away, but headed back toward the pasture all of a sudden he just started bronc bucking!  The little turd!!!!!  Hubby sat it out easily, kept Rocky's head up and then spanked his butt.  Rocky was an angel after that (well he was still not wanting to stand still, but with some flexion he relented).  Yeah.... I've NEVER seen Rocky do that, but where I used to ride him with my friend we were on a hundred acres with no barn so there really wasn't an area that he was barn sour about.  When he lived there he was also low man on the totem pole so he wasn't even herd sour.  Now that he's the boss he has a serious attitude and I guess we have to convince him we're serious.  Hubby wasn't at all concerned, said it wasn't that bad, his back is fine and he thought it was fun LOL!!!

The funny thing is the whole time it was happening I was screaming at Rocky and Chrome just stood there.  He was an angel!!  He stood quietly no matter where I put him (while waiting on Rocky to stop being antsy), he was great pushing his way through the woods and stepping over all of the fallen trees, he went where I asked, went the speed I asked... seriously I love him!

 Chrome asking why hubby is on Rocky's back 
and hubby pushing his nose away haha.

 So all in all it was a fun ride.  I can't wait until we can start riding together more.

 You can see the rigged noseband we put on it for now.
I can't wait to get the matching one.

 After riding we did some target practice with our pistols and my bow.  It was so fun!  You can see a video of me shooting my bow on my other blog (LINK).  Here is a video of the horses during our target practice.  They are so good!

Talk about some serious desensitization for S hehe.  I'm sure he's heard guns before because we live in the middle of nowhere so there are lots of hunters, but I don't think he's heard it that close or that many times.  He did great.  Here are a couple of really far away cell phone pictures lol.

He wanted to come see what we were doing so bad, 
but the sound hurt his ears I think.

 The flies were bothering him more than the guns.  

After S got used to the guns he just cocked a leg and took a nap.  :)

So here's hoping now that Rocky knows hubby can't be intimidated or gotten rid of that easily that he will settle down and quit being a brat.  He's so used to not having to do anything except whatever he wants, but that has to change.  He's done fantastic so far with adjusting to our rules, so I bet he won't be a problem next time.  :)

P.S. I cut Chrome's Mohawk after the ride but I forgot to get pictures. I'll get some soon.


  1. Nice pics! I can't wait until I can ride with my husband :)

    1. I can't wait until you can ride with him! It's so fun! I can't believe we've known each other almost ten years and this is only the second time we've ridden together! Ugh!! Between his old job, his back injury, being horseless and then only one horse and then having crazy horses that couldn't be ridden this has been a long time coming! It's awesome. :D


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