Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chrome Ride 133 - 100 Ride Challenge Ride 19

 Chrome didn't want to put his ears forward so I did it for him hehe.

I rode for half an hour in the yard with the saddle and bridle.  I wanted to work on cantering so hubby didn't ride, but as I was leading Chrome to my car Rocky neighed and galloped to the gate!  Hubby and I were so excited to see him actually want to come and and join us.  Hubby brought him out and groomed him really well, cut a bridlepath, fly sprayed him and combed out his tail really well.  So he got pampered while Chrome worked hehe.  It's a good way to show Rocky that humans don't always mean having to work.

Rocky's fancy new bridlepath.  :D

Chrome was really good, but his stifle gave out several times... it makes me so sad!  I think it's because it's time for them to be trimmed though.  My farrier is coming out soon, so hopefully that will help.  I warmed Chrome up at the walk and then the trot.  Then I asked him to canter.  It took everything I had to get him into it.  It's probably partly from being out of shape and partly from having not asked him in so long.  I cantered him up and down the driveway a few times, but when his stifle gave out again I quit... it had only happened at the walk up until that point.  I don't want to risk causing some sort of damage having it happen at speed....

It was a fun ride and once he figured out I wanted him to canter he picked it up really well.  He had trouble maintaining it and was being bad about falling into the trot when he got close to hubby so I didn't get any good pictures.  Here are a couple.

Yes I held on to the saddle horn because I'm a big chicken.  I haven't cantered him since last fall I think.  After cantering a couple of times I wasn't nervous anymore though, since he didn't crowhop or anything.  :D  You can see the makeover we gave our well house too.  It now has a matching red tin roof like the house and it's painted dark brown instead of that pale tan it used to be (and had been for over twenty years lol).  The door is red to match the tin and add some contrast.  Dad did most of the work.  I think it turned out great!

Walking out after his stifle gave out.  
I love that I can canter him and then just drop the reins and walk.

Hubby liked the sun light in this one.  
I like how far under Chrome is stepping as we turn. 

Look at how dappled his neck is!  I wish his shoulders were 
dappled instead of being gray already (he rubbed the fur off 
because of his sweet itch and it grew back in white).

I think Rocky has every color in his tail!  So pretty!

Rocky looked so good after the grooming hubby gave him that I suggested we get some nice pictures of him on level ground.

 The late evening sun made him look a lot more brown than he is, but I still like them.  He looks good!

 Chrome was so mad I tied him up instead of letting him graze.  
I had to smack him on the butt because he was leaning over 
that fence to get to the grass........

 There isn't much to say because both boys were so well behaved.  Two things I will mention is Chrome didn't do the weaving/balking thing up the driveway at all today and I did some ground work with him after the ride.  He remembered how to yield his haunches and shoulders perfectly (crossing the leg in front like he's supposed to), even though we haven't practiced it in ages.  He's such a good boy!


  1. Wow, both of your boys are looking SUPER good!
    Meanwhile, up here, I am covered in (& frequently gagging on) the undercoat constantly brushing out of the Yak Trio.

    1. Awww thank you! They are actually still shedding like crazy. I pat Chrome on the butt today and hair poofed up off of him hehe.


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