Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!! Plus good news!

 Not his most flattering angle....  but I'm glad hubby got it for me lol.

Happy New Year!!!!  I got the best news ever yesterday (or the day before, I don't even remember)!  Chrome is healing up great from his tendon injury and I can start riding him again!  Obviously it will be walk only for a while, but it's progress (and so much better than hand walking...).  So I'm starting the new year off much, much better than last year did.  I was going to ride today, but ended up having to go into town to help a friend... and it's going to be pouring rain all day tomorrow... but hey at least I can ride whenever the weather cooperates! :D

Chrome was jealous because Jasper got to be in the yard to eat his feed.

I hope you all have an awesome, happy and healthy New Year!!!!!!!!  I'll decide if I want to do a goals post later, but I doubt I'll do a recap one since things were so quiet with the injury.  I have my fingers crossed that this year will be full of fun instead of fear... I ate my lucky black eyed peas so maybe that will help hehe. ;)


  1. I"ve not heard of lucky black eyed peas but I'm glad that Chrome is feeling better. :) He's really praying out!

  2. Hurray Hurray Hurray! What wonderful news. Now you just need the weather to cooperate.

  3. Yay! so happy he's feeling better. fingers crossed that the weather cooperates!

  4. I'm glad Chrome is feeling better! Happy New Year


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