Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chrome's Dapples

We were putting out hay and the sun was actually shining so I got some pictures of Chrome to show you his dapples.  They aren't super impressive, but they are there.  :D

Ignore the dirt.  He is so filthy!  It was raining yesterday.

Below are some that I edited the white contract and darkened them so you can see them better.  I wish he looked like that in person hehe.

Dapples!!!!  He's so cute!


  1. Glad you're enjoying this phase of his coat.

    How bout you visit and whack that mean lady in the face like you offered, and I'll come wash Chrome's tail for you: ) If transporter technology existed....waiting.....

  2. Aww he is really graying out nicely! I love the look of dapples, my apps never have them :(


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