Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beet Pulp Update

Chrome loves his beet pulp!

I love my macro camera setting lol!

Chrome munching on his Safechoice and shredded beet pulp.

He's looking really good since I added the beet pulp to his diet. I can't believe the difference it's made. He's finally put some weight back on without me having to feed entirely too much concentrate. We've had a bit cooler weather today so he and Zeppelin have been playing again. I'll post video tomorrow, but here are some pictures of Chrome playing with his rings. There are only two left because he must have dropped it over the fence into the dog pen and Jackal chewed one ring off lol.

"I love my rings!"

"It's so much fun dropping them over the fence so Mom has to fetch them for me."

"Oops! It's Mom!!"

"Hi Mom! I'm not doing anything. Just being cute!!"


  1. Wow he sure if growing! I love beet pulp too. Greats stuff. I use it a lot in the winter.

  2. Beet pulp is good stuff - we use it mainly for weight maintenance for our seniors. Cute photos!

  3. I've been using beet pulp a lot lately to get some weight on my mares. Chrome is looking like a roan on the face now.

  4. Great he's getting on so well with his new diet, he looks good :)


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