Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fly Spray Update

Picture taken 1-29-2010.

Yesterday the flies were bothering Chrome again so I decided to fly spray him while he ate breakfast. I put the halter on, but this time just put the rope over his neck so I could walk around behind him while he ate. He never stopped eating while I sprayed him all over. :D It won't be long before I'll be able to spray him without the halter on. Such a good Chrome!

A few days ago I had to get on to him because as I was walking across the pasture to the feed shed he walked directly behind me and put his muzzle on my upper back. I don't know if he was playing, acting dominant, or what, but it was uncomfortable and possibly dangerous so I swung around (startling him) and scolded him. I don't want that to become a habit. He hasn't done it since. He now walks in line on my left side (like we were doing in our clicker training) all the way up to the feed shed, or until I walk past Zeppelin. Donkey is king around here and Chrome knows not to crowd him by the feed shed lol. :)

Anyway that's all for now. Gotta run!!


  1. He's smart. He just needs to know the rules.

  2. He has such a good start in life! The fly spray sounds like it is going really really well!

  3. Yay you are doing so well with the fly spray, well done! :)


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