Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

Date: 8-19-11 (a couple of days late oops)
Age: 27 Months
Height: 15.1hh
Height Gain: No height gain. Now that he's two his growth is slowing way down. Most sources say he will grow another hand (four inches) from two to three years which would put him at 16.1hh which would be perfect. There is also an old trick where you can measure their leg from the middle of the knee to the coronet band right where the hoof starts. The measurement in inches equals hands. His is 16 inches, which means he should mature at 16hh. Let's keep our fingers crossed. :D
Weight: The weight tape says 900lbs.
Weight Gain: So his weight has slowed down too. He's really butt high though so I think he's headed into a growth spurt. I find it funny that my 15.1hh colt finally weighs as much as my 14hh Appy mare did that I had growing up. :D

Progress: Progress? What's that? LOL Between his mysterious rain rot and now he has another swelling on his neck (at least it's further down and not on his throat this time) from a cut I feel like we're not making any progress. I haven't been doing any clicker training at all. The rain rot (and the fact it is taking a lot longer than normal to heal) has me so stressed out that I haven't felt like doing anything. I'll try to start working with him again soon. Sigh.

Goals: I want to get his rain rot and cut healed. I want to find where he's putting his head through the fence and cutting himself because I know that has to be what he's doing. Also I want to start clicker training again. I don't want to let this lapse drag on.

I don't want to sound like a downer (that's the stress talking lol). He's happy and healthy (err . . . aside from the rain rot and cut lol). He's not in pain. So everything is awesome. :) Sorry the pictures suck. It was getting late and the light was bad. I'll get some more tomorrow when I give him his weekly bath.


  1. Despite the heat he still looks gorgeous! He has such a pretty head.

  2. He looks great. That's an interesting trick re the height. Wish I'd known that when Rogo was younger. He did most of his growing from 4 to 5 years old, almost a hand, and I had thought he was finished growing :)
    Don't you hate it when you can't find the source of a cut? Good luck. SOunds like things are healing well.

  3. I was just thinking how lately it feels like those hands on the clock just spin faster and faster and there are so many things I am not getting done. Sounds like you're having a similar experience.

    Hope you solve Chromes head through the fence mystery. What a vexing horse he is.

    Mango Momma

  4. wow your blog has changed since i was last here!

    i thought the conformation pics were great. it's always good to do those regularly to keep track.

    i started blanketing in winter the year of the horrible rain rot, where baasha lost all the hair on his back. i couldn't ride, of course. i said "screw this!"

    baasha actually has light fleabitten areas - neck and chest is all. i love it cuz it makes him look so classic, and they're not overwhelming. they disappear in winter of course.

    it's just really hard to photograph a white horse on a sunny day - they wash out completely! just like trying to photograph a black dog indoors. you need really good light or they're just a formless dark mass: )

    i look forward to exploring your blog again.


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