Sunday, August 7, 2011

He's Still Gorgeous

I just wanted to take some pictures today before I treated Chrome's rain rot so you can see that he's still a gorgeous boy. When he's dry and clean you can't even really see the rain rot. The reason he looked so awful in those other pictures is because he was wet and I'd been scrubbing scabs off. :) I took these pictures about an hour ago.

I love when he trots up to see me. Or gallops like yesterday. I haven't see him move that fast since it was cold outside. The heat usually makes him lazy, but he's been feeling really full of himself the last couple of days. :)

Sorry he's in the shade so you can't see his shiny coat, but I didn't have anyone to hold him this time. He looks great though and he was very well behaved while I had him tied up.

In this picture he was relaxing and had his neck pressed against the tree (see his smooshed mane) like he was going to rub his mane but knew I'd get on to him so he just leaned against it lol. I hate getting tree sap out of his mane lol.

When I was growing up I always thought rain rot was a fungus, but now I'm reading that it's a bacterial infection . . . so not sure if that changes anything. MTG works for both, but I'm so afraid of burning him that I found something else to try. Basically I mixed 1/4 cup bleach, 1/4 cup betadine and several squirts of antibacterial dishwashing liquid into a gallon size bucket (maybe slightly bigger) and sponged it onto the affected areas. They said to not rinse it off and to let it dry completely before turning him back out. It's supposed to kill the bacteria and dry out the scabs. I probably won't use it too often though because it's very drying. I figure that formula will help to prevent a secondary bacteria or staph infection too. Apparently that's more of a concern in the summer too. Chrome didn't act like the bleach stung at all. So what do you guys think? Use that for a couple of days? Keep trying the MTG? I'm open for suggestions. I've never had to deal with this in the summer before. In the winter MTG works great because it doesn't freeze and it won't burn when it's cold. I'll keep you all updated.


  1. He looks terrific as usual. I just love the blond in his tail. Until I started reading blogs, I had never heard of rain rot. I've been around horses for the better part of my life. (just not now) So, unfortunatley, I'm no help.

    I just sent you my Faran pictures via e-mail. check it out. It turned out really good!

  2. Well, of course he's still gorgeous!!!

  3. Yes, I agree, he is still just as handsome! Sorry, I have no idea about rain rot. But sounds like you are taking care of it great!!!

  4. Oh yes, still a very handsome boy. I don't know anything about treating rain rot.

    Side note: I tried clicker training to get a fly mask on my foster filly for the first time and it worked like a charm! Thanks for your demo videos. I think I'll try it for trailer loading.


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