Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ride 34

Isn't Chrome so cute?  He was intensely curious about the camera for some reason, which is why he has his adorable nose stretched toward the lens in this shot.  :D  And yes I know I forgot my helmet.... please don't yell at me....

It's still hot outside, but the humidity was down so it felt amazing outside!  I decided to hop on for a short ride.  It was only for ten minutes since it's been a while.  Chrome was being pushy and bratty.... vacation needs to end soon lol.  The huge horse flies were out too so that was probably part of his problem. After I walked him around some on the driveway (away from the apple tree that he is currently obsessed with because the ripe apples are falling and it smells soooo sweet!) he was paying attention so we trotted around a little bit.  Then we walked up on the porch, tapped on my brother's window and surprised him with smiles (Chrome did his smile perfectly) hehe.  He thought it was funny.  :)

We paused for the above shot and then I hopped off to give Chrome is supper hay.  It was fun!

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  1. Oh, I think you like it when he is a little bratty. How can he resist those apples? There are right there, just for him, are they not. Why else would you have an apple tree?

    Mango Momma


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