Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ride 35 & Pathetic Mane

 We were busy working on our house again this weekend, but today the weather was just too gorgeous to pass up a short ride on Chrome!  My husband walked with us on foot for a short ride down the road, but he didn't have to grab the reins or anything.  Chrome was so good!  At the gate we paused for a look around, because he thought the neighbors still had horses across the street, but they were moved a few weeks ago.

He was very excited, but completely under control.  I never once felt like he would bolt or do anything dangerous, so I'm hoping solo trail rides will be in our future soon.  It was just a short ride to the neighbor's house where we stopped to chat for a few minutes.  Chrome was sooooo impatient while we were talking!!!  I need to work on his standing still again.  I think part of it was boredom and part of it was because he's so itchy from his sweet itch.  When he's moving he can ignore it, but when standing still all he has to think about is itching.  I can totally related.  The mosquitoes have been biting me like crazy this year.  He was walking circles, swinging his head all over the place and even tried pawing at one point!  I distracted him by making him walk through a mud puddle that he wasn't too excited about walking through lol.  We eventually went over it.  :)  The ride was around 27 minutes long, but most of it was standing around in the neighbor's yard.

 When we got back and I turned him loose he threw himself at a tree and started scratching.  Notice his front hoof is off the ground to really dig his shoulder into the tree?  That's why he has sores on his shoulders.  I hope we can find a solution for his sweet itch before next summer.

 Look under Chrome's belly at who decided to nose around while Chrome was busy scratching lol.

Look how exhausted he is because I rode him soooo hard lol.  Just kidding.  This is him trotting to his hay.

And now I have a decision to make..... what do I do with his mane??

It's worse than it was last year!!!  Should I just roach it??


  1. Oh and I did wear my helmet this time lol. :D

  2. Just use scissors, but don't cut strait across. I do it all the time, I go really slowly and cut "up" at an angle... just like most good beauticians do with bangs these days. I wouldn't roach it - it is at least laying flat. Oberon's mane looks great.

  3. Yeah a cute hunter mane. I wouldn't roach it. Either way, I still agree he is beautiful and love all his fun cool colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We gave Baron something called Stop Itch this year - OMG what a difference! It didn't stop him from getting bitten or having allergies, but it stopped him from itching himself to death.

    I haven't forgotten I was helping you with Faran. With everything that has happened I needed to wait on a few things. I will get you that number.

  5. Oh I know you hadn't forgotten about Faran. You've had a lot going on so I completely understand. Take your time. :)

    I'll have to look into that stuff. I'd be willing to try almost anything to help him right about now.

  6. Is this the Stop Itch stuff you used?

  7. Poor itchy guy. Hopefully the change of seasons will help. His mane could use some evening up.

    27 minutes is a good long ride.

    Mango Momma


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