Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We went for a short walk! (Pictures and video of Chrome's fancy trot!)

Wow Blogger uploads picture waaaay lighter than they actually are.  The above picture on my computer is so dark it looks like a silhouette, but on blogger it's so light!  Odd!  Notice his oily haunches?  That's from the MTG I'm using to treat his rain rot, so ignore his oiliness in the rest of the pictures lol.

I took Chrome for a short walk down the road just before dark (okay my hubby was leading him so I could get pictures) because the neighbor was doing some work and I wanted to see how he would react to the bulldozer.

 He spends most of his walks with his head down and relaxed.  He had a major overstep (his hind hoof was stepping a whole hoof length in front of his front hoof!) today and was moving out so well!  I think he's missed his walks.

Then he started looking around.... but not at the bulldozer.  He didn't even look at the bulldozer.  He was staring at a couple of horses that were about a quarter mile across that pasture... silly colt!

Check out this short video of him walking and looking at the other horses and then at his fancy trot as he shows off...

Here is the direct link in case you can't see embedded videos:  http://youtu.be/5HNKq9-fILU

He is so gorgeous!  I really need to stop encouraging him to show off for other horses though because that could make our trail rides... interesting.  :)  Here are some poor quality snapshots from the video of his all four off the ground trot for those of you who can't watch it.

I love this horse!  He can look so fancy when he wants to!

And here are the rest of the pictures.

In this one (above) my husband left the blue rope hanging off of Chrome's haunches so I could get a picture without someone in it.  Chrome is standing in the middle of a road, with one leg cocked, completely at ease with a bulldozer just yards away (see it in front of his chest and yes it was running, shoving dirt and rocks in a pile, which was loud!).  He's only interested in the other horses that are specks in the distance lol.  He couldn't care less about some dumb loud bulldozer.  :)

One armed hug from my hubby.  His expression is weird because he was talking lol.

Thanks everyone for the comments!  I've missed hearing from you guys and it feels nice to know we were missed a little.  :D  I'm slowly catching up on reading blogs and I'll try to start posting more.


  1. He sure is handsome! ...and a fancy mover! Will you show him one day?

    Monty and Harlow

  2. You sure can see the Arabian in him:) He is very beautiful and looks like he had lots of fun!!!

  3. Thanks guys! I don't know if I will show him. I do want to try a low level schooling dressage show once just to see if I like it, but I have such horrible stage fright and anxiety that I don't know if we will do it much. I mainly want to do Competitive Trail Riding on him and learn dressage for fun. Dressage lessons are so much fun and it would be a blast to take them on my own horse instead of school horses. :)

  4. Glad you are back! He has a nice trot, he would be awfully pretty in a dressage ring :)

  5. He trots on air. It's good to see he's not having any lameness issues. It seems a while back you were worried about his movement? No worries now.

  6. Thanks!! I'm glad to be back to blogging. :D

    NuzMuz, his lameness was due to his locking stifle. It comes and goes, but he's fine. Exercise fixes it. :)

  7. wow, he can move out when he wants to!

  8. The fancy trot is like dancing. Beautiful.

    Mango Momma


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