Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I meant to post about yesterday (Chrome's haircut)!

On a happier note!  Yesterday before the scare with the maple leaves I gave Chrome the haircut I had been debating.  It's gone!  It's all gone!  I couldn't find my clippers (I hate moving), so I used scissors.  I know some of you are cringing, but I think it turned out alright.  Here are the pictures. Let me know what you think!  Oh and if you can't see his mane (or lack of) you can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Left side.

Right side.

 Head on.  The really cool thing, which I didn't notice until I cut it off, is that one side of his mane was black and the other side was white!  You can kind of see it in the above shot.  So cool!  Also I didn't cut his bridle path all the way because I love his thick forelock (it isn't actually thick, it's just appears to be because his mane hangs forward over his forelock).  That's why the halter is sitting on the long hair.  I might finish trimming the bridle path if it causes problems with his bridle.  :)

Hiding behind a tree so the girls can't see his nakedness.  Just kidding, he was eating the longer grass that got missed by the mower.  :)

His chest still seems narrow to me.  Will it widen anymore?  He's four and a half already.  Maybe he's just a narrow horse.

Donkey was harassing him.  So cute! 


At first (especially while cutting it off) I was a little unsure if I liked it, but after taking a hundred pictures (yeah aren't you glad I didn't post all of them??) and hanging out with him for four hours raking and burning maple leaves I really like it.  He looks a little naked, but I think it looks great!  I can't wait for it to grow into an adorable little Mohawk.  :D


  1. Oh and I almost forgot, Happy Halloween!!

  2. I think your hair cut looks really good! The picture of him looking straight at you is pretty neat.

    I meant to comment on the maple leaves post - I'm not sure all of those trees are red maples - the leaves are usually really red (we have a bunch along our driveway)...

    But, I do get your concern. I would try and keep on top of raking or since you have a lot of trees, maybe look at buying a leaf blower or something? Maybe you could find someone local to ID the trees so you are 100% sure. I'm in eastern Canada, so maybe the maples change colour differently here or something...???

    Either way, hope your boys are ok!

  3. This makes me want to roach Dancer's pathetic mane...

  4. Glad you decided to roach it, it should grow in so much better! Mia's mane is already getting mohawky after being shaved off a month ago, it's cute but I am going to let it grow out. Probably haha!
    Chrome is getting significantly lighter, at least he looks that way in these pics. A narrow chest is hereditary and conformation but you can bulk it up a lot with muscle to make him look better.

  5. He looks good! I think he will develop more - Baron is 5 1/2 and he keeps changing as he matures.

    Monty and Harlow

  6. I agree it looks great!!

    His chest will definitely widen. Stan was that way back when he was four. By the time he was 7 it was normal

  7. He looks great - very handsome with it roached.

  8. Looks great and really shows his neck off nicely! Hopefully it will grow in much nicer this time around.


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