Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ride 57 - Solo Road Ride with Bit

The weather was amazing today so I finally got to ride Chrome! It has been a little over two weeks since I last rode (oops... It's been hot and I haven't felt good), but he was in a very laid back mood so I decided to try riding him out on the road solo while my hubby is at work!!! That may not sound like a big deal but to me it was.

He was awesome! I had him in the bit for the first time on the road and he did well. When he tried to balk or turn back home it only took a couple of corrections before he gave up. He was being hesitant and tense but he held it together. He only startled in place twice when something rustled in the leaves right next to us. He gave a few things the hairy eyeball, but that was all. I can't wait until he gets more confident and enjoys going out alone. He really doesn't like not having someone walking on foot with him. It will just take time but I'm hoping he learns to enjoy it again like he enjoyed our hand walks.

Such a cute shadow!!!! It looks so Arabian!

We only went half a mile before I came to the neighbor's house that has horses. There was a guy walking down the road and she was yelling at him. She's a known drama queen so I turned back and went home. I didn't want to get involved with her and I didn't know the man who was walking in the direction I wanted to go.

Back at our driveway I waited for a truck to pass (only one we saw for the whole ride) and then lined Chrome up to the mailbox, leaned waaaaay down and got the mail!!! He did great. He stepped sideways toward the mailbox because he's not used to me hanging off his side but he stood still. Or mailbox is too low lol. So we played pony express and took the mail to my mom's house and to my grandma's house.

The whole ride was only half an hour. There are about six guys here with trucks, wheelbarrows and tons of other equipment pouring concrete for our porch. He eyeballed the trailer because we had to walk right next to it but was totally fine with everything going on around him. He totally had to ham it up and get cuddles from all of the men. It was hilarious. He got lots of compliments too.

It was a great day! I'll share pictures of our porch when it's dry. It looks awesome. I can't wait to screen it in so we can have a mosquito free outdoor area. :-D


  1. Awesome, you knew you could do it! And of course he was perfect. Can't wait to hear about the next solo ride

  2. What a success! He seems to have such a great mind. I can see potential endurance ride buckles in your future...

  3. Thanks guys! I'm so proud of him.

    Renee your comment made me grin! That would be so awesome! I'm so looking forward to seeing what we can do together.

  4. Like your quiet street. Ours is much more used, even though it's a narrow little road where two cars can pass each other going opposite directions, but only if one of them has its wheels halfway off the street. I'm getting pretty good at not hitting people's side mirrors on their cars as I pass them.

    Unfortunately, when I ride or lead or drive Mara down or up our street, it's a 5-10 minute walk either direction to get to a trail, and in this time, about every minute or two a car goes by. Mara is very good at standing at the edge, waiting for cars to pass. I always wave at the people who are kind enough to slow down, and am amazed at the people who just blast by us.

    Hey, did you get my email? does storm_glory work?

  5. Eek yes I still have the stormglory email but I rarely check it! The one I use now is I'll go check my yahoo one!!

    I had no idea your street was that busy!! Wow! There are some days where four our five people will pass us but our street is pretty wide so it's no big deal. I just wish I had trails. I hate having to ride on asphalt roads.

  6. It will take time but he's going to gain confidence. Dickie was really used to me hand walking him and it took a little while before he started to feel confident under saddle alone. Honestly, something just clicked in the last few rides on the trail. So glad you are feeling brave enough to go out!!!!


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