Wednesday, July 16, 2014

VCMBH: Stalker!

Seriously L. comes up with the coolest blog hops ever.  This time she asked: What Equestrian Blogger out there do you really want to meet? (If you have more then 1 I will allow you to list up to 5!)

L. is CRUEL to make us choose only five (she later told me I could choose more, but since I'd already gone through the trouble of narrowing it down I'm just going to share five)!!!  I got my list down to ten or twenty people (remember how long my list of favorite blogs is???? Not easy!!!) and thought I was doing great... then I'd obsess over it for a while and cut another... then another... and I finally made it down to five (took me hours to decide!).  It's just impossible!  Keep in mind if you didn't make the list that doesn't mean I didn't want you on it.  It sort of came down to the people I've talked to outside of blogs the most and for the longest.. So here is my list (in alphabetical order by name or pen name).

Appydoesdressage - Musings from LogDog Acres - I've been following her blog for a long time (love Appaloosas!) and was so excited when she got her new green horse Mia (because I love reading about green horses).  It's so much fun to read about her training.  She always has kind, helpful comments for my blog and I think she would be a really cool person to meet and go riding with!  P.S.  I love TWH too.  I don't want to leave him out.  :D

Judi - Trail Horse Adventures - Judi and I have a lot in common.  We both love trail riding and we train our horses with clicker training (although I've been lazy about it lately oops)!  She is so great with her horses!  She has a sister with some anxiety (like me) that she is always so supportive of and the way people treat their siblings says a lot about them.  Judi is awesome and I would LOVE to meet her and go trail riding!

Lytha - A Horse Crazy American in Germany - Lytha and I seem to parallel each other a lot!  We seem to have the same thoughts, concerns and problems with our green horses.  The thing that orginally attracted me to her blog was her gorgeous gray Arabian Baasha!  I was astounded when I'd learned they'd been together for over twenty years!  People who love, appreciate and stick by their horses like that are the type of people I want to be friends with.  :D  Besides it would be soooo cool to visit Germany to hang out with her!!

NuzMuz - Nuzzling Muzzles - Nuz and I have a lot in common!  She is a writer (published unlike me), photographer (trained unlike me lol) and has Arabians (well mine is half).  She also loves trail riding.  It would be so incredibly awesome to go trail riding with her out in the desert!  If I ever make it out that way can I take a spin on Bombay?  Please!!!  :D

Super Ponies - Super Ponies - This is one of the blogs I originally started following because she also has a young horse, but I felt like straight from the start that we really hit it off.  We have a lot in common and it's always been easy to talk to her about anything that's bothering me with Chrome.  I would love to meet Dickie and go trail riding together.  It would be the coolest thing ever if Dickie and Chrome could meet each other.  I can totally see it!  They would have so much fun.  :D

It was almost impossible to choose only five because there are soooo many other bloggers I would love to meet (Aoife, L., Aimee, Gingham, Liz, Saiph, Dom, Andrea, Hetty, Alanna, Amy, Shannon, Allison, Monica, Suzie, Story, Carol, Frizzle, Janine, Teresa, Kelly, Kristen, Sarah, Amber, Karen, etc... too many to even name!)  This is why it was so hard to choose five and why I chose to go with the ones I've followed the longest and that I've talked to outside of the blogs.  Sorry I didn't link the names, but you all know who you are and they are all on my list of favorite blogs I recently did hehe.  Sorry if I missed anyone!


  1. If you make it up to NuzMuz - let me know! I'll join you. I'm just a few short blocks from her... ;)

  2. Of course you can ride Bombay... at your own risk, of course. I just don't trust that horse anymore.

    Oh my gosh! You definitely have to come here some day. It would be so fun to ride with you and Sam.

  3. OMG Sam!!!! I feel awful! I completely forgot about you. In my mind I always included you with Nuz because you guys are so close and I really want to meet Baron! So sorry I forgot to add you to the list. I knew I would forget someone. :(

    Nuz, I've always wanted to visit the desert so you are totally on my list. I will be careful with Bombay and only ride him in the arena, but I would love to at least sit on him. :D

    P.S. Sam, your blog is on my list of favorites, but it's in the dog section which is why you weren't on my list of favorites that I did recently. :D

  4. Thank you, I am so flattered that you included me. Actually, you remind me so very much of my sister in so many ways. I think it would be so neat to go on a trail ride with you, too. I'd bring Ellen!

  5. That would be awesome Judi!! Hopefully someday I will make it up your way. :D

  6. Come on up for a basketball game--we got Lebron back.

    (My life is over--that's all Kevin talks about--woe is me...Basketball--Bleh)

  7. LOL Judi!!! If I visit during basketball season at least we could talk so you aren't bored while he watches basketball hehehe! I'm flexible as long as I can talk horses with a friend. :)

  8. If & or when you make it to Germany, the tiny country I live in Borders it...perhaps you could parachute in on your way over or back as sadly I don't think there are any Lux-Stateside direct flights ;-)
    PS: am honoured to have made the shortlist! Us proud owners of half-isiens (yep just made that up) need to stick together :-D

  9. Aoife, you were number six on my list and the only reason you got beat out was because I've known them longer LOL! I will definitely parachute over... I'm afraid of heights but I'll do it for you!! I love half-isians LOL!! We do have to stick together and I really would love to meet Nancy and go on a trail ride with you and the girls!!

  10. This blog hop is hard! Lol it's why I've been taking my time getting around to it too! I'm honored I made the short list. :)

  11. This one is very hard!!! I felt so bad for leaving out so many awesome bloggers. I saw where someone else called you, Liz and Dom the Endurance Trifecta! I want to meet the Endurance Trifecta!!!

    1. OMG, that's the perfect nickname for them! Lol

  12. BOL - no worries! I knew! I enjoyed your list of horse blogs - you had a few I didn't know about!

  13. If you ever get to visit Liz, you'll have to come meet Orion and I too! We're only 45 minutes away from her. :)

  14. I had no idea Jordan!! I will definitely visit you too when I make my way up there. :D


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