Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rolex Recap II - I got to ride a racehorse!!

 Back when we made our plans for the trip we decided to book the campsite for Sunday night too so that we could explore Kentucky on Sunday (we only had tickets for cross country day) and drive back on Monday.  We were worried we wouldn't be able to keep our room Sunday night, but we got lucky and they extended it for us!  Yay!  It's a good thing too because it was still COLD on Sunday.

We had plans for Sunday afternoon, but nothing urgent to do in the morning so we slept in.  Okay, hubby slept in.  I was too wired to sleep.  I think I got up at 4 or 5 am every day of the trip and I am NOT a morning person so that was very unusual for me.  It was all just so exciting!!

So we went exploring...

Lexington is so gorgeous (the side we were on anyway... I didn't realize until the last day that I had only seen a tiny portion of the downtown part of Lexington... I'm such a small town country girl haha).  We decided to check out the UK Arboretum to kill time until our scheduled plans that afternoon.  It was freezing cold, but so pretty!

There were benches all throughout the Arboretum to rest on (didn't need them, but they were so pretty).  People were even having wedding photos done, but we stayed out of their way.

 Interesting art.

 One of my favorites!!  

Cardinals are normally so hard to photograph because they are hang out in such thick brush and trees (at home anyway), but this guy was posing for me.  So pretty!  I also did lots of macro pictures!! Don't worry I'll only share a few hehe.

 The water droplets were so fun.

 This is my favorite flower picture!
Does this make anyone else think of the movie Troll in Central Park?

Hubby doesn't like to smile for the camera lol.

Look at all the blossoms!

 This rock wall was awesome!

 Sorry for all of the not horse related pictures!  It was all part of the trip though.  :)

 First parking meter I've ever used.

Then we visited the Thoroughbred park.

 I got my picture taken with this adorable foal.

 There was a race going on while we were there!

 I got to ride one of the racehorses!! 
I let the jockey steer!
We totally won!!!!  :D

 We watched the foals play too.

Yes I have a vivid imagination LOL!  Also forewarning anyone who wants to participate in a race, those horses are TALL and dropping down to the bricks below when it's cold outside hurts!  Just to let you know haha.  It was so worth it though.  :D

Sorry it's taking me so long to get photos done.  We've had rain for days and looks like there will be more for another week or so... so no riding, but maybe I'll be able to get more pictures done... as soon as I kick this dang sinus infection.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Sunday is a to be continued... sorry!  :D


  1. omg that pic of you on the race horse is awesome!! haha what fun! also that's one well-fed cardinal :) glad you had so much fun exploring!

  2. Great pictures! You on the back of the race horse was fascinating because it looks like your hair is being blown back and you really are going fast. Then I started laughing because my sick sense of humor placed a thought bubble above your head saying to the jockey, "Please don't fart. Please don't fart..."

    1. ROFLOL!!!! You are so funny!! I should have included the picture of me sliding off the horse... I had to get personal with the jockey with my right hand and the horse with my left hand to safely slide down LOL!

    2. LOL Okay I'll post it in the next recap. :D

  3. LOL THAT PHOTO. I love it!! Especially how you pulled your legs up just like the jockey

    1. Hehe thanks!!! I wanted it to look semi realistic and since I couldn't stand up I just pulled my legs up. It was so much fun!


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