Friday, May 15, 2015

Two Horse Tack - New Halter!

 Donkey photobomb, shaking his head hehe.

I think every knows about Two Horse Tack by now, but if not please check out their site here.  I have been wanting something from them for a long time, because I was really curious about the beta biothane.  It is waterproof and so easy to clean (bucket of soapy water, in a pillowcase in washing machine or even in your dishwasher!).  They shipped it so quickly (it was overnight or two day).

When I took it out of the packaging I was dying to touch it to see what the material was like.  I was shocked that it feels so much like leather!!  It's the same weight as leather and feels almost just like some leather.  Up close you can kind of tell it isn't, but at a distance you can't really tell at all.

 Look at how handsome he is modeling it, even with his dirty face.

I got black, hoping that it would look like leather (so glad it does) so that Chrome could have a halter that looks fancy, but that I don't have to worry about it getting dirty and having to clean it.  :D  Yay!  I would even use it at a show if we ever went.  :)

 If you click to enlarge this picture you can see the stitching.

The crown buckles on both sides for maximum adjustable and I got the adjustable chin strap because of Chrome's smaller nose.  It has a LOT of play room.  :)  It was only $3 extra!  This halter is horse size.

 Jackal photobomb.  :)

The only smile picture I could get.  Chrome was smiling when I asked, but not holding it long and hubby was having trouble with the delay on his cell phone.

So far I'm very happy with it!  Once I've used it a while and cleaned it for the first time I'll do a proper review on it.  :D

P.S.  I think I have a halter addiction.  This is his fifth halter (that I still have, he's had three others that are now too small or broken).  8o

P.P.S.  I got over my sinus infection just in time to get a freaking head cold from my stupid coworkers.  Grr!!!!!!  I managed to go to Rolex and a wedding (with sick people) and didn't get anything, then they have to go and infect me because I can't get away from them at work... grr!  At least it's STILL raining so it's not like I'm missing out on much.  I was wearing shorts when we took these pictures and Chrome was following behind me.... totally covered my legs in mud.  It is so nasty outside.  So if I'm quiet on the blog, that's all it is.  I'm fine, but I'll be spending as much time chugging liquids and recuperating this weekend.  :)


  1. He looks super cute! :) Hope you feel better soon :( Sinus infections seriously suck, as do colds. I just got over a cold+sinus infection so I know your pain!

  2. Hope you're fully better soon!! Chrome's face is getting so white!!

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  4. He looks so handsome! Ellen just got their picnic bridle for Dante with bling, and she loves it. It really does look like leather. Cole has had his bridle for a year and it looks like new.

  5. It looks great on him! So spiffy! I hope you feel better soon. I also just got over a nasty cold... they definitely aren't fun.


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