Friday, June 12, 2015

Rocky Ride 2 (with us)

Hubby rode Rocky out on the road for the first time today.  We ordered a synthetic (has to be light for hubby) western saddle and a halter/bridle which came in today so we were testing them out.  The halter/bridle needs some adjustments (we took the noseband off because it was too small, but I'll fix it tomorrow), but the saddle appears to work well for both of them.  I'll do more checking tomorrow when the mosquitoes aren't so bad.  Rocky was very good on the road.  He's awesome with traffic, but he did neigh for Chrome a few times and he's totally buddy sour (but I knew that before I brought him home).  I can't wait to take them out together to see how they feed off of each other out on the trail (road).  Anyway I'm really tired so I'll just share the pictures for now.  I'll share better ones of the bridle tomorrow once we have it fitting right.

 He was pooping, not flipping his tail like Chrome lol.  He's so handsome!

 He was listening for Chrome the whole time.

 Great with vehicles.

 I caught him mid-neigh hehe.  So cute!

 I waited at the driveway while he took him the opposite direction
 (because he wanted to turn in the driveway on his own).

 On the way back.  Ignore the price tag under his browband hehe.
I didn't want to take it off until I was sure we were keeping it.

 Chrome neighed a lot, but I don't think he was a nutcase or anything.
He wasn't super sweaty or anything when we got back so that's good.
He was standing at the gate as we came down the driveway.
By the time we untacked and led Rocky to the pasture Chrome
was grazing on the other side of the round pen.  :D

Last picture is just because I love my boy's neck hehe!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention.  Rocky is doing great with feeding time manners!!  He barely pins his ears at Chrome now and follows us politely.  No charging or aggression.  He lets us smack horseflies off of him while he eats.  He lets us approach him anywhere in the pasture and smack flies without a halter or rope.  He even came to me for the first time and asked me to kill the flies.  :D  Good boy!!!!


  1. Rocky is so chunky and handsome! Love his type.
    But of course Chrome is always stunning!

    1. I love how chunky Rocky is too! It's so cool seeing the differences in their builds. Chrome will always be my favorite, but I love Rocky too. :D

  2. Rocky sounds like a smart horse. I see lots of trail rides for you and hubby. I think that's great.

    1. Me too! I'm so excited! Now it just needs to stop raining ahhh!!

  3. Rocky is gorgeous, his build is awesome! :) Happy that he's doing so much beer with feeding!!

    1. Thank you! I love his build too. He is doing fantastic at feeding time. It is all smooth and easy. He's learned not to ever pin his ears at Chrome if we are in the vicinity either. He can boss him around all he wants when we are safely out of the way lol. They are getting along great though! Hubby and dad saw them having an all out running, bucking, bitey face play session the other day. :D

  4. So great to see them out riding!

    1. Yes it is! What's even better is that his back isn't killing him afterwards!! Yay!


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