Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Watermelon Addict

 First of all, how cute is that nose???

Now before we move on I have to mention my husband is very laid back.  He doesn't display emotions and often seems indifferent to the things around him.  Getting him to smile... is a challenge!

 I think I see something... could it be... maybe??

 Yep!  It's a grin!  I think he kind of likes Rocky!  ;)

 Just because he's cute too.

Okay we gave the critters some watermelon rind and we officially have an addict on the farm.  Let's look and see if we can figure out who it is...

First up is the narcoleptic pony.

 That woke him up!  He noticed the watermelon in hubby's hand.

 Mmmm yummy.

 Ew... all the slobber....

 ... and the watermelon lipstick!

Nope Chrome isn't the addict.  What about Zep?

 Nope, wasn't him.  He even shared with the goats.

Okay, what about Rocky?



 SO yummy!

 Give me the watermelon!

 Watermelon drool.

 Give me ALL the watermelon!!!
He looks possessed hehe.

He was not being mean at all.
He makes the best faces!

Now that we've discovered who the addict is, here are a few more pictures that I love.

Chrome is striking a pose and Rocky is so derp!!

 Chrome shares Rocky's hay through the fence instead of eating off of the bale.
They don't even make ugly faces at each other.  So cute!!
I think they are going to get along just fine.  :D

Even the goats eat with them.  :D

My herd is one big, happy family and that makes me so happy!  Check back tomorrow because I have some epic, adorable pictures of Zep and the goats to share!!


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