Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pure Friesian colt... on my property... what???

Warning:  There are a LOT of photos in this post!!

That awkward two year old stage!

This handsome little guy is S.  He's a purebred two year old Friesian colt that belongs to my best friend (that gave me Rocky and owns the Friesian mare I've ridden and posted about on here).  My friend is working out of town a lot and the place she was keeping her horses isn't taking care of them anymore (part of the reason I got Rocky), so she brought S to my house for a little while.  I'm home everyday so I can feed him regularly and get his weight back up (he's not that thin... I think he just went through a growth spurt) and so I can do some ground work with him.

His dam!

She showed me how well he leads, picks up his feet and takes his dewormer.  She fly sprayed him too.  He wasn't too sure about that, but he accepted it.  I'll be working on desensitizing him to as much as I can and just basic ground work like backing up and yielding his haunches.  He's a little skittish, but he settled in really quickly.  True to that Friesian nature I think he's going to be quick to learn and accept things.  :D

He's a little small for his age (only weighs 800 pounds and I'll measure his height tomorrow), but he had a rough start in life (his previous owner was having major financial problems because of his sick son... so sad).  He's grown a LOT in the year my friend has had him.  I'm guessing he will probably end up 15.2-15.3hh like his mom.  He could surprise us though since Friesians can get taller until they are six or seven.  I'll let you know his family as soon as I see his papers again.  I've completely forgotten who he's related to lol.

Anyway I'll be quiet now and let you enjoy the eye candy!  :D

I'm biased... but my horse is so gorgeous!!

 Rocky was very determined to be the dominant one!

Check out this video of Rocky telling S what it's all about...

 They want to get to the baby so bad!

Chewing on his halter lol.

 Typical Rocky expression!  I love it!!

 Rocky is pushing Chrome out of the way lol.

 Look at that tail!!  Already so thick and long.  
It almost touches the ground and he's only two!

 This will be good for a comparison picture later once he's put on weight.

 The boys finally let Zep close enough to say hi.

The first time Zep brayed it spooked S!  It was so funny!!!  I caught it on video too!

Here is another very short video of Zep braying again.  He didn't spook this time.

Direct link here.

 Zep is so cute!

 S started yawning, but he never did the baby champing.

 Cute booty!

 He likes my friend's dog.  :)

 He wasn't at all bothered by the goats even though he's never seen one.

Full Friesian alert!

I did a bunch in black and white too. He looks awesome in black and white!

 I love this!!  I might have to try drawing it without the fence in the way.  :D

 He is so gorgeous!  This shows a hint of how amazing he's going to look when grown.

 He has so much bone!  I love it!

Last, just because I love Rocky's expressions lol.

I'll measure S and probably take a million more pictures tomorrow!  I'm so excited for the opportunity to get to work with a purebred Friesian since there is no way I can afford to have one of my own.  :D


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! He is! Not getting attached is going to be the hard part of working with him!

  2. He's very cute. His damn is gorgeous.

    1. Hehe... err auto correct!! That's funny! She is very gorgeous! I feel so lucky that she was the first purebred Friesian I got to ride. :D I bet Shaz will grow up to be just as beautiful.

  3. Very cute! Can't wait to see him once you've done your magic on him. He definitely looks like he's just grown a ridiculous amount.
    Is he staying a colt or getting gelded?

    1. I can't wait to see what he looks like with a little more weight on him too. :D I'm not sure if she's gelding him or not... if she decides to keep him she will definitely geld him. Other than that I don't know yet.

  4. he's lovely. You are getting quite the herd there!

  5. Replies
    1. Miss them?? What happened to them? I'm way behind on reading blogs....

  6. Such a gorgeous guy! It's awesome that you can have him on your property.

    1. It's really exciting!! :D Now I just have to try not to get attached lol.

  7. I have so much catching up to do, but how could I not comment on all this awesome. What a babe ♡♡♡♡

    1. I have to catch up on yours too!! Thanks for commenting! :D

  8. what a handsome baby!!! you must be thrilled having him at home!!


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